Zinburger Dunwoody Preview Night

A belle is back and here to stay y’all! We’ve had a LOT of transition the past couple of years, but have tried to stay active on our IG at least. At any rate, both belles are back in the A shawty and ready to get back to bihness! I recently moved back from a 3 year stint in NY and am so happy to be back “home.” Don’t worry…we have some amazing content to share with y’all.

Our loyal readers may remember that we covered Zinburger’s Opening Night in ATL a few years ago. Well, now Zinburger is opening a new joint in Dunwoody tomorrow, and we were invited to the VIP night.

I must say the vibe is nice at this Zinburger. The location feels larger than the one in Lenox Mall, but a belle isn’t quite sure. What we can tell you is that this location does NOT have a rooftop! It looks that way, but looks can be deceiving y’all.

Various salads, sides, and sliders, milkshakes, and pies were served. Somehow we missed the tater tots, Bars of Zin milkshake, but maybe next time.

Kobe + Zinburger
A belle loves to support charity, so we opted for the Gold Card to support Camp Twin Lakes. What a nice option!
Chinese Chicken Salad
Napa Salad (this was the fave at our table)
Chopped Wedge Salad (very refreshing!)
Sweet Potato Fries…ooh wee!

We really enjoyed the Samburger, El Diablo, Kobe, and Zinburger. My fiancé tried the Ahi Tuna and seemed to like it as well! Our fave milkshake was the cookies and cream which had the right amount of sweetness and cookies. The truffle fries + sweet potato fries were a hit as well…especially since we’ve never had sweet potato fries.

And of course, the wine was good. I tried a Malbec and Tempranillo which were tasty. The cocktails were AMAZING! We were fans of all of them…especially the Zingria (Sangria) and Pineapple Daiquiri.

We are happy this location is opening because it’s close to both of our homes + the Lenox location has been going down in our opinion. Every time we come there’s always a bad experience, so a belle is giddy the Dunwoody location is opening, and the staff seems super accommodating.

We look forward to visiting Zinburger Dunwoody soon! Don’t forget they open tomorrow!

What type of burgers do y’all like?

Loneliness, Thanksgiving, Blessings, & TIPS


This church is over 10K Feet ABOVE sea level & was beautiful! We’ll chat more ’bout this soon!

Well helllllo, y’all! Summer has sprinted outta here in Georgia and Fall is creeping’ in the scene with a slight gansta lean! Chile, it’s funny how lil ole Fall wants to TRY to roll up & it’s almost December!

A belle has been enjoying the foliage of beautiful red, orange & the bright yellows. I’ve been at peace & joyful, but sadly, this time of year is a reminder to some of what they think they do not have. Truth be told, you have A LOT sweet friends. You just have to focus on IT. Walk wit me….

img_1996          I miss my old apartment this time of year!!

After a recent convo with my good friend back home, we started flapping’ our gums about the weather changin’ & ended up having a beautiful convo about God. You see, I was reminded that this time of year (I believe more so than any other) that the enemy, Satan, tries to hold our joy hostage & convince us that we have to feel lonely. Unfortunately, my friend is not close to her family at all. What I had to remind her is that the Lord blesses us with special people in our lives. We are never alone as our Father is always with us no matter who’s there & who isn’t there.

Friends hear a belle well….everyday is Thanksgiving & should be lived as such. Don’t let society fool you into thinking that it’s important to do good one or two times of the year.



                                                     Sissy & I on a recent trip praying & praisin’!

Now let’s get something straight. You can be in a relationship & still feel lonely. Don’t get it twisted, honey. Sometimes our thoughts can be negative. These negative thoughts may even try to tap us on the shoulder & remind many of us that we don’t have family, friends, or even a boo to snuggle up with. Chile it’s a big fat ole lie. All we will ever need is God. Anything extra is a blessing waiting to happen.

Let’s talk about a few ways to keep positive as the leaves dance to the ground & the air is cooler. ‘Kay? Alrighty.


  1. Thank your creator (whomever it is) that you are alive & well because you are here for a reason.
  2. Surround yourself with loved ones. Don’t be fooled into thinking’ that family is considered your only source of love. Get out of your negative mind & meet new friends–Try Meetup.com (fun groups in your area), church or more. Case & point: My sis has met a ton of new friends on the Island she resides on. Chile, Shermika won’t tell ya this, but she has many sweet new friends who help her compact negative thoughts of missing me and the rest of the fam this time of year. She misses me so. Don’t tell her I said so & PLEASE don’t let her fool you. Ha!!
  3. Think positive. PERIOD. Even when there’s a storm around you. You have a choice. So choose wisely. It’s easy to think & be positive when your circle supports positive thinking.
  4. Think before you REACT!! What’s a true testament is how you think + react when your surroundings are less than ideal. When your surroundings seem lonely how will you react?
  5. Give praises to your creator when times are good & BAD. People always want to omit the bad/negative times,  but the truth is that it rains on the just and unjust. Get ya umbrella & dancing’ rain boots ready.


Shermika & I want to send you positive vibes, love, & inspiration through our blog. Bare with us as we get back into our groove of writing, sharing, & exploring. We pray that each of you be renewed in joy & a new attitude this season and EVERYDAY. God has been too good for us all not to be. Until next time! Peace out.

–XOXO  T & S



Travel Fly in Dubai


By now our loyal friends know that a belle loves to travel. It keeps our minds sane and makes our heart flutter.  Last year, I was blessed with the opportunity to see Dubai thanks to a glitch fare. In short, a glitch is an unexpected (el cheapo) fare honey!

Chile, I saw Dubai for less than a meal in NYC or even a plane ticket to my beloved 2nd home (ATL shawty!)

Being in the Middle East allowed me to appreciate the culture, So allow me to share a few nuggets:

  • Dubai is in the desert so BABYYYY it is hot there! I went in June with my ace and we were sweating bullets.
  • Dubai is like Vegas times 1,000. Everything here is about glitz, glamour and excess. Many say Dubai is westernized, but it’s a city that’s forward thinking and fun! Save your coins and spend a lil.
  • Try something different when you travel. We stayed in a DOPE hotel near the Saudia Arabian border (in the middle of nowhere) and took a cooking class. The food was yummy yummy and the class was fun! Pics to come later y’all.
  • Visit the Dubai Miracle Garden…it is absolutely stunning! The garden is replete with greenery in various shapes (think Paris, peacocks, and more).


Sending all my love from Dubai...
Sending all my love from Dubai…


  • You’re traveling abroad, so live a lil honey. You can drank the Henny at home, so experience some culture instead. Wander around the souks and ride on a dhow. Or better yet, ride a CAMEL! Look at us riding those ole camels!


Below, I am trying on beautiful dresses at the souks in Dubai. These dresses are great to rock at the Grand Mosque as ladies have to be COVERED from head to toe! More on the Grand Mosque to come.


Dubai is the land of excess so you can’t get enough shopping done here. Buy Middle Eastern spices in the souks of Old Dubai. Visit the Gold Souk and get gold jewelry at unbelievable prices.

Our trip to Dubai was full of luxury.  Since we saved on the flight tickets we splurged in other ways. My girlfriend and I did a dope dinner cruise, and the food was incredible.



  • Check out the Grand Mosque and see a people’s love for their Creator. Muslim or not, you should respect this building and will be left in awe. I’m a Christian but I appreciate different religions. Visiting the Grand Mosque was a beautiful experience. Enjoy a few of our pics & be sure to subscribe to see our next post. Later, we will tell you the top 5 things to do in Dubai! Until next time.


Chilling poolside like a boss!
Chandelier inside the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque






Mic Check 1, 2…



*taps microphone & waves hysterically*

HEYYYYY friend. Aren’t you sweet for stopping by and visiting. My oh my it’s been almost over 2 years since a belle has posted & we can’t believe time has flown by so fast. The sis & I took a well needed break but didn’t expect it would be over 2. LONG. Years. Whew! A lot of fun has taken place since we last spoke. For starters, the sis isn’t in Memphis anymore (she lives in New York y’all), is living like the little princess she is, & enjoying living on an island while occasionally gracing NYC with her royal presence. She’s made some awesome new friends, and I enjoy hopping on planes to take a bite out of the Big Apple.

As for lil ole me?

Well chile,

Ise married now, doing peachy in Georgia, and have 2 new furry babies (all 3 of them get on my nerves but I love them dearly–am I allowed to say that?! 😂)

I got rid of da cready crack, did the BC, & am getting used to this curly mane of mine. Together we’ve been traveling like tomorrow ain’t comin’. We’ve recently traveled to South Korea, Canada, Chicago, Vietnam, Colombia, and more! Don’t fret your sweet lil tail because we’ll tell you more about that in the coming weeks!


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With all the love our southern hearts can muster.

Xo- T&S

Let’s Travel: Tunica

During a belle’s Spring Break (yes, a belle takes a break now), the sis and I decided to travel to the Deep South. We chose to visit the Mississippi Delta for the food, rich history, and fun. Tamika and I traveled to Tunica, MS, which is one of the most quaintest cities we’ve ever been to. Tunica is more than ching ching, slots, and the tables y’all! This city is about culture, history, blues, and of course yummy food! Blue & White Restaurant: This restaurant is where the locals go and sit at their favorite tables while waiitng on home-cooked food. If you go during lunch, there is a feel good Southern buffet of macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, and more. The thing we LOVED about this restaurant were their uber thick and good doughnuts. I swear these doughnuts were better than Krispy Kreme y’all! Cafe Marie: This quaint restaurant was once a former hotel, and even Katy Perry visited it before. Each night, the menu changes to reflect seasonal offerings. We ate lunch here and it was so fresh. The prices are beyond reasonable, the service wonderful, and you are treated like family Steakhouse: Now, you may come to Tunimca for gambling, but if you’re a foodie, you don’t have to look further. This swanky restaurant boasts an extensive wine menu. I had the grilled asparaagus, filet mignon The truffle fries were AHMAZING, ya hear me? I had never had truffle fries before, but lemme tell ya it won’t be my last time. The bananas foster dessert was ooh so good and the preparation was great. There’s more to Tunica than casinos. We visited the Tunica Riverboat Museum, which houses the Tunica Queen, a riverboat that goes down the Mississippi River.