Let’s Jam: Regina Carter

You haven’t heard greatness until you have heard Regina Carter play or me talk. Carter is one of the most soulful and eclectic violinists your ears will thank you for. Her music combines classical, jazz, folk, and African elements. Carter’s latest album Reverse Thread was made possible by the MacArthur Foundation, which awards unrestricted fellowships to uber talented individuals.

For the rock sleepers, the MacArthur is fondly nicknamed the “genuis grant,” so it just lets you know that Carter is BAD uh huh. Anyhow, Reverse Thread combines traditional African melodies and contemporary music to create an eargasm that will make you explode.

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Shoe Attack: Aussie High Heels

Miss Fireworks Heels ($275)

These Australian PeepToe heels are too cute! Don’t you just adore their names? Who doesn’t like fireworks and champagne? I know I love both (a tall cold glass & lights in the sky) and they are even better when together. A belle could rock these with almost anything–a hot skirt, jeans or a dress! I am really feelin’ the bright colors of both pair and love the fact that they have a small platform. Not only do they look comfy, but both colors are summer-friendly. Which pair do you like best?

Miss Champagne Heels ($275)



Memorial Day 2011

We at ArtBLT want to personally thank each and everyone that died for our freedom. On this day of remembrance, we plan on doing just that. Thanks also to all of the families/friends that sacrificed just as much.

We love you and admire you all! As we celebrate with family and friends today, above all, let’s keep these heroes in our prayers and thoughts. It is because of their bravery that we are even able to enjoy this day with the ones we love most.


M·A·C’s Surf, Baby

As mentioned before, I LOVE M·A·C! This is their summer collection that features a little bit for everyone–the bold to the simple chick. The various pigments contain SPF, are too cute and a belle sure could rock many, if not all of them on a given day.

This collection has you covered. Everything from vibrant nail colors ($15.50), daring lipsticks ($15.50), metallic eye shadows ($15.50), to waterproof mascara ($14). If you laugh as much as I do, then the water-proof mascara is a MUST. I can’t wait to try the Lipglass ($15.50), or lip gloss for you M·A·C newbies. Have you tried this collection already? Do you like? Surf’s up!

Australian Fashion Trends

As all of us belles know, fashion is inspired from a little bit of everywhere! These Australian trends aren’t too far off from what we rock here in the States.

On the other hand, some are a little daring and in one case, too dang hot to be wearing out in public. But, if you can pull it off, by all means do what you do best. Check out some of these looks and tell me what you think–Hot or a HOT MESS?

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