Let’s Jam Live: The Watson Twins & Amos Lee

Lee rocked the house!

Extremely au fait musicians, The Watson Twins and Amos Lee were a breath of fresh air and a much needed escape from the recent F5 tornado that devastated many parts of the south this past Wednesday. We had the opportunity to witness these gifted individuals during a concert at WorkPlay in Birmingham, AL thanks to a gracious offer from Crowd Surf.

They can sing--With or WITHOUT a mic!

With stylish tight black jeans, cowgirl shoes, and fitted shirts, the adorable Kentucky-raised identical twin sisters, Chandra and Leigh, opened the show with their folksy sound, live instrumentation and intimate stories.

They shared how they drove from California to grace us with their presence. With gas prices as high as they are we TRULY respect and admire these sisters for their enthusiasm to perform for us! Not only are they beautiful, but they sound great together, which was evident in their singing a song without a microphone.

Lee’s voice was a powerhouse and his music is in a lane all by its self! It is a mix of blues, folk, and a little country. The women swooned over him as he played his guitar and sung many title tracks including “Colors” and “Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight.” At this roomy, but intimate venue, Lee felt like an arm’s length away. The crowd was energetic and showed him lots of love, which is inspiring because music has the ability to heal people.

Click here to visit Lee’s website and here to take a look around The Watson Twins’ page. These artists embody what it means to be talented AND entertaining.

Crowd Surf is an online music marketing company based in Nashville. They utilize social media to connect fans to artists. As you can see, they definitely connected us. Thanks again!


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