Carol’s Daughter: Our Candy Store

With a million and one products on the market today, Carol’s Daughter is worth a king’s ransom and THEN some. The Artbelles are always making trips online, and tip toeing to the Atlanta store for new finds to play with.

After almost buying out the store a few weeks ago (so much so our credit card company thought it was fraud), Shermika decided to try Lisa’s complete magical Tui kit, and we have documented our findings with pictures. Founder, Lisa Price, is my BFF ( in my head) and I will tell you why. Read on, it’s Friday ya know!

Shermika after removing braids.

As mentioned, we have a lot of Carol’s Daughter products; everything from hair, skin and lip care make themselves comfortable at our home. Some wonder and talk about whether the products are worth the hype. I say that Carol’s Daughter is priceless and will take over the world–one body at a time.

The packaging is beautiful, the products smell divine and from my experience, the customer service at the store in Lenox Mall is uncomparable. The employees know EVERYTHING about her products and it isn’t memorized either–they truly love what they do and it shows!

Now she’s happy!

We have tried MANY Carol’s Daughter skin care products (the above pic isn’t all that we have!). They not only hydrate our skin, but they do not make us greasy. This was our first time trying the hair smoothie and oil as a hot oil treatment–Shermika normally uses the oil by its cold lonesome; we are more than pleased with our experiment.

These are divine. Just be careful when getting out of the tub!

We flat ironed the hair and look at how shiny and fab it is!

We followed the cute, but handy instruction card to a “T” and the results are below. I haven’t tried my kit (which is different), but will surely fill you in once I do. We are customers for life and there are close-ups below! What do you think about the results? Got a favorite product of Carol’s Daughter? Let us know!

***We were not paid or granted freebies to do this review by Lisa Price, or any of her affiliates. The ArtBelles wouldn’t have a problem with saying so IF this were the case. We are just two chicks that have a love for Carol’s Daughter, and pulled the lint out of our pockets to purchase these products.***