Tête-à-tête Thursdays: Plush Creations

Jay Z, Ashanti, Avon, and Carol’s Daughter all have one thing in common: Plush Creations. Ever went on vacay and threw your unmentionables and fine jewelry in ziplock bags? Well, look no further! I had the pleasure of interviewing Denise McMillan, owner/designer of Plush Creations.

Plush Creations is a U.S. based company that specializes in travel accessories that are too “pretty to pack.” Any item can be customized to your purty heart’s desires. The ArtBelles squealed with delight as we oohed and awed over the beautiful products Plush carries.

Marc’s Pop Lingerie Bag $95

The boutique business was created out of McMillan’s desire for travel and fabrics, and us girls who love beautiful things get to indulge in that desire. Plush Creations designs dreadfully beautiful lingerie bags, jewelry bags, shoe bags and other travel luxuries that have a unique flair. Designer fabrics include Marc Jacobs, Badgley Mischka and more.

Go on, you know you want to read the interview.

  • How do you choose a fabric and where do you get them from? Something about a fabric (color, texture, design) has to grab me so I can envision what the finished piece will look like. A few favorite shopping places: Los Angeles (where I lived and where Plush was born), San Francisco, NYC, Dallas, Rome, Malta. One spot I have to return to is Barcelona. I found an amazing fabric shop there but it was closed! Nooooo….I felt like a kid who couldn’t get into the candy store.


  • Can your shoe bags take on 4 inch heels? Bring on the heels!
6″ heel wins fight with shoe bag
  • Why should women buy jewelry bags when they go on quick jaunts? We all know there are shoes and there are SHOES. There are handbags and there are HANDBAGS. These accessories make us feel elevated and pampered. When something is pretty, we want to use it. Plush pieces are not made to find their way into the deep dark back of a drawer. They are made to be used and enjoyed no matter how long or where the trip is taking you. I have received emails from customers who tell me they love their bags so much they leave them out for ‘display’ so they can see them.


  • Where is your favorite place to travel for pleasure? Why? Although I love to travel, it is not nearly often enough. I’m a creature of habit. When I visit a place I love, I want to return. I’m the same with restaurants. When I find a dish I love in a place I love, don’t even hand me the menu. I know what I want! It’s impossible for me to separate business trips from personal travel. I love what I do and the two become one. While other people are looking for traditional souvenirs to bring home, I’m looking for fabrics. Some favorite spots to visit: Croatia, Berlin, Munich, Monte Carlo, and Cannes.
  • How did people/companies such as Ashanti, Carol’s Daughter, and Avon hear of your work? Ashanti and Avon were through a PR company that found me online. Carol’s Daughter was through a women’s event in Washington, D.C. where we were both panel speakers. Her story is so inspiring. It was an honor for me to be included on the same panel. One recent corporate project came to me through a customer who purchased something for herself. When she needed to put together some special gifts, she called me and we worked together to make it happen. I found the coordinator for the SAG presenter gift baskets. It was awesome seeing my bright green jewelry bag on tv when the baskets were talked about, and the list of stars receiving the baskets made me squeal!

Plush Creations personifies handmade. After a fabric is bought, McMillan has to find the right lining, piping, trim, etc. She cuts, folds and irons the ribbons that tie the bags. Talk about a belle using some elbow grease! Have a gander at the blog to see how a LOT of hands go into making the beauty that is Plush Creations.

Don’t be limited by what Plush Creations has on its website. Products can be customized with a simple ‘wish list’ sent to McMillan.

For you ArtBLT’ers that love all things fantastically unique, McMillan does not normally purchase a large quantity of any fabric. She has the fun job of going shopping for YOU when the fabric is gone. It makes one giddy to know their piece of luxury is few of a kind.

Many thanks to the lovely Denise for being kind enough to let us into her world. Now, tiptoe over to Plush Creations to see what suits your fancy.

Gold Dust jewelry bag $50


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