Let’s Jam: Chris Turner

Like Marvin Gaye or any other well-versed artist, Chris Turner is a soul singer worth listening to. Look no further as your belle has a hot treat for ya today! I found this cat on Youtube and HAD to share since I love you ArtBLT’ers to pieces. Not only is Mr. Turner easy on the eyes (yes ma’am), but his voice is a soulful breath of fresh air in an industry that rapes our discerning ears.

This Oakland, California transplant that now resides in New York will hopefully go far in the music business. He writes, collaborates (song with Bilal-another FAVORITE of mine) and has performed on BET (a network I don’t fancy) recently. One of my favorite songs of his, the uniquely titled “Liquid Love,” is an ode to the late Gaye; Turner replicates Gaye’s sound like nobody’s business! He credits Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu (my favorite) for being teachers of the craft he loves.

Check out his site to learn more and listen to some other tracks. Be sure to share him with everyone you know–support the soul music movement! I think Turner’s music will be played many years from now. The first song of his I ever heard is below. He’s smooth to the last drop and a belle is hooked! Comment and tell us what you think.



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