Let’s Jam: Regina Carter

You haven’t heard greatness until you have heard Regina Carter play or me talk. Carter is one of the most soulful and eclectic violinists your ears will thank you for. Her music combines classical, jazz, folk, and African elements. Carter’s latest album Reverse Thread was made possible by the MacArthur Foundation, which awards unrestricted fellowships to uber talented individuals.

For the rock sleepers, the MacArthur is fondly nicknamed the “genuis grant,” so it just lets you know that Carter is BAD uh huh. Anyhow, Reverse Thread combines traditional African melodies and contemporary music to create an eargasm that will make you explode.

Carter performed at the Atlanta Jazz Festival last Saturday. As usual, she was a treat! Hear her below.


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4 thoughts to “Let’s Jam: Regina Carter”

    1. Yes, he is! The music sounds gorge doesn't it? To think, I took many a music class and never learned about a kora. Her cd also features it as well. You will LOVE her music…if you get a chance to see her live, don't cheat yourself Keri.

      1. Yeah, I really wish music education was more multicultural. I was lucky to have a friend who taught ethnomusicology and really opened my eyes to how different other cultural music can be. I've been really into Hindustani classical music lately too.

        This website, http://www.ankhesen-mie.net, does a blog series called "Underappreciated Actor/Musician/Artist of Color", where she posts about amazing people that just don't get the recognition they deserve. I've found a lot of great music that way, too.

        I bought Regina's CD on itunes and I'll be keeping an eye on her site to see if she's in my area sometime!

        1. I hear you sister. I was fortunate to have taken music classes from a professor that taught me about Indian, African, and other types of music. It's so interesting to find out what isn't traditionally known by the masses-this is where ArtBLT comes in. I am going to check out the Hindustani music you mentioned.

          Thanks for the website! We most certainly will tiptoe over to it. If you have any other sites/people, feel free to email us. Go to our contact section. We ALWAYS want to be tipped off. I'm glad you bought the cd. It's going to be a great listen. If you have a chance, check this one out too of hers: Paganini: After a Dream. It has a lot of Italian history behind it, which we'll probably spotlight sooner or later. And seeing her live is just beyond words…

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