Tête-à-tête Thursdays: Christine Marek-Matejka

An ArtBelle always has a treat for you. You know, the kind that doesn’t give you cavities. I found Christine Marek-Matejka on my new love–Twitter. In addition to being a mixed media visual artist, Marek-Matejka is the lead singer/songwriter for black-eyed SUZIE.

Today we’ll focus on Marek-Matejka’s art, but don’t fret. We are going to girant you access to the tunes (at a later date). Marek-Matejka lives in the Swan River Valley in Manitoba, Canada where she focuses on both her art and music. Plus, she stalks ArtBLT! Read on for the interview. Read More

Heart Clutch

Okay y’all, I never admitted this, but a belle LOVES a clutch! I tend to gravitate towards bigger purses to carry all my must haves, but when the occasion calls (and it does), I have to rock a clutch. They’re small, convenient, and great for formal events. Since I love to get all dolled up  this clutch sure fits the bill.

This boxy shaped heart clutch retails for a cool $198 at Nordstrom. Since it’s silver, it will go great with any formal dress in your closet. Simply darling!

Jazz in the Park

Now y’all know an ArtBelle loves some jazz! Well, for all our local ArtBLT’ers do we have a treat for you. Magic City Smooth Jazz is offering a FREE Jazz in the Park series.

The series will have vendors that offer healthy food options and will be located at parks in areas where there are a high concentration of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.

And guess what? Cancer sticks aren’t allowed as the event is SMOKE FREE. So come out, hear some jazz, and don’t worry about polluting your lungs.

The event kicks off July 4th at Caldwell Park. Each event runs from 5-9PM (you will be in the perfect spot for thunder on the mountain!), and free music lessons will be given at every event–can you say sweet?! Go here for more information.

Shoe Attack: LaRare

565 €

Summer is here in full swing and I must say that I have lost the fight. The heat here in Alabama is worse than an egg frying on the street. LaRare, a Paris based shoe company, has you covered!

Aren’t these babies too hot? The color is sick and they are so unique looking. I love the cut-out around the heel. This pair will run you around $803 US dollars, but look worth every penny!

Being a chick that adores high-heels, but hates to wear them, I can appreciate a heel that isn’t too small. Shoot us a line and tell us what you think.