Lennon Bus Brings Hope to Alabama

As many of your ArtBLT’ers know, we did a post recently about the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus (JLETB) traveling to our neck of the woods. We bragged about a group of kids that made a song/video. Well friends, here is the finished product. YAY!! These young people (The Inspirators), who had never met before, collaborated and wrote an inspirational song, “We Rise.”

This may not have been made possible if it wasn’t for the FREE music education, assistance and guidance from the JLETB and its engineers/crew. This video was shot in Pratt City, a neighborhood within Birmingham that experienced devastation after a tornado hit Alabama; the song is about rising above devastation all while being strong through faith.

It is imperative that we have music in our lives and our schools. To think, some schools are eliminating music programs due to a lack of funding, which is a shame. Thank you JLETB for your wonderful friendly staff, and all that they are doing to spread the love of music! Check out the video below. Enjoy!!!

Picture and video via JTLETB.