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Remember the good old days when you used to draw on the walls with a box of crayons, or “colors” as some of us southerners call them? Did you get whooped for it? I know ShermkaBelle and I did, but that didn’t stop our creativity.

Gifted artist Silvia Cerbone had us beat; she was painting with watercolours at the tender age of five! Cerbone knows the meaning of dedication, hard-work and expressing one’s self through creativity. With a family of art lovers: singers, artists and musicians, New Jersey bred Cerbone was destined to tango with the arts.

Art is a reflection of life and Cerbone knows this all too well. I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing this radiant talent and enjoyed getting a glimpse into her colorful world. “Every painting has my own experience or what I’ve seen in it. I want to share that and art is my way of expressing it,” states Cerbone. This is one artist you should thank us for telling you about. Continue reading—I will tell you why she’s hot!

The Beautiful Silvia Cerbone
  • Do you remember your first painting at 5, if so, what was it? Actually, I do. It was a self portrait and in watercolour. I think it was more of a grown up me, because I had eyeshadow and red lips, lol. But when I was that young, I drew everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. To this day you can still see my drawings underneath my parents dining room table.
  • Every painting has a story, what story does “Reflection” tell? “Reflection” is basically who I am. As the sun shines down on water, it reflects back. Every color you see [in the painting] is all of me, and me giving back. I’m giving you all of me.
"Alone" done in pencil
  • What’s the most challenging thing about being an artist? It is trying to be seen or noticed. Sometimes, people don’t take me seriously and I am often misunderstood. I take [art] very seriously. I love what I do and am happy to share it.
  • Where does the inspiration for pieces like “Behind the Veil,” “Native,” “Geisha,” and “Mother Earth” come from? The inspiration for these pieces comes from being a mother, I have two beautiful kids. I feel like we as women go through a lot, whether we are moms, going to college, working a 9-5, or owning a business. I think we owe it to ourselves to achknowledge how hard we strive, and how far we’ve come. “Behind The Veil”– a lot of people misunderstand Islam’s history, and especially, Islamic women. Islam is a beautiful culture and it’s a shame how many people misinterpret it because of what they see on TV. There’s more to Islam, there’s more “Behind The Veil.” “Native” was in relation to my painting “No Fear.” It’s showing  women as warriors. “Geisha” was another painting I did, because of the misunderstanding of the culture and people not knowing the true history of Geishas. Geishas studied the art of music and the art of dance. They sold their skills, not their bodies. Lastly, “Mother Earth” depicts where we all come from–our Mothers. Earth gives life, just like us women.

As you can tell, Cerbone is grounded and extremely talented. Not only does she paint, but she sketches! I absolutely love her “Geisha” pencil sketch (especially since ShermikaBelle and I LOVE Japan) and I am stalking her “Behind the Veil” portrait.

Check out Cerbone’s portfolio to see the mega talent for yourself. I enjoyed every piece that she has on her site, and hope that you at least find one (or three) that tickles your fancy. Comment and tell me what you think. Honesty is ALWAYS welcome at ArtBLT!

Many thanks to the lovely Silvia for being sweet enough to let us into her alluring world. Now, tiptoe over to SC Collection to view & buy some art! Also, please follow her on Twitter (@SCerboneArt).


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