Birmingham’s Beautiful People Party

If you ever want to know what it’s like to party like a celebrity, then go to a Birmingham Magazine party! Their 2011 Beautiful People Party was just that. Shermika and I had a ball yesterday and will be talking about this event for a long time. We may just stalk their office to find out when the next party is!

Upon entering the Birmingham Museum of Art, we were greeted by smiling faces, slammin’ tunes, and an ambiance that was fit for a southern belle. I bet you wish you were there, but no worries, the ArtBelles always have you covered!

For starters, the first 100 guests received a ticket (we felt like Charlie with our GOLDEN ticket) that granted them a sweet swag bag. Fortunately, Shermika and I don’t always abide by being fashionably late and received one (YAY). The bag included a recent copy of Birmingham Magazine, candy from a local company, an assortment of giftcards (you read right), and various coupons to say the least.

Birmingham Magazine knows the art of throwing a darn good party and didn’t skimp on anything. A girl could get used to this!

Swag Bag!!!

Tamika and I enjoyed the swanky atmosphere replete with beautiful people (of course), and an alluring ambiance under the backdrop of the museum’s rose garden. We drank uber good raspeberry margaritas and sipped on Viognier wine by Rush Wines. Don’t fret ArtBLT’ers—an ArtBelle is always responsible with the libations. The food was catered by A Social Affair and was so yummy our tummies begged for seconds, but alas, we have to work on these dancer’s figures.

The unique lighting, which changed colors underneath the food and walls, was set the mood for this fun event. We loved the floral artistry and the look was fabulous!

Models graced the stage with beautiful clothing that was styled by Southern Femme and enchanted the crowd with their different clothing changes throughout the night. Guests took pictures to be considered for the Birmingham’s Beautiful People 2012 issue, so you know we had to indulge our egos.

ArtBelles having TOO much fun!

Birmingham Magazine is so hip that they don’t call numbers for door prizes—they used text messages; the DJ prompted attendees to check their phones every 15 minutes. Being the lucky one that she is, Tamika was the first to win something!  She won a gift certificate for a spa manicure—and being the sweet big sister that she is, it was gifted right along to me.

The gift & WINNING text message.


Complimentary makeovers were provided, and there was a digital graffiti wall that captivated many in attendance. Neither Tamika or I were able to scribble ArtBLT on the board because of its popularity—maybe next time.

Graffiti to the NEXT level!

We met the beautiful and welcoming Tatiana, who handles the social media for Birmingham Magazine. Can you believe that she read one of Tamika’s tweets (during the party) and invited us to meet her? We felt like quasi celebrities, but y’all know we are fab.

The Beautiful People Party was fantastic and we look forward to stalking every shindig Birmingham Magazine has. If you attended, please share your thoughts below. We hope you enjoyed viewing as much as we enjoyed reporting back to you (Check a short video here). Until the next fab event…

Occasionally, we stop bickering and write a post together–hence why you see the author as ArtBelles.

The lighting under the food was HOT!
Noticed how it changed?
Now purple!
Now red!
The models changed clothes often.
Raspberry Margarita and the gorgeous food!
People were everywhere!
Don't they look FAB?!
Nice crowd.
Junior Patrons were in the building!
These ladies were FUN!
Let's party together next year!









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8 thoughts to “Birmingham’s Beautiful People Party”

  1. I am so upset that I missed this party. It seems as if it was just as fabulous as I thought it would be. I'd been looking forward to it all week but I got too busy and couldn't make it. I hope I can make it to the next one and I really hope to meet the ArtBelles soon!

    1. We tweet A LOT of info such as this. Follow us on twitter (click the top right corner of this page): @artblt to stay abreast with happenings here and else where! It was a party worth going to…we had a blast!!! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Javacia, we can't wait to meet you soon too! I won't rub it in at how great the party was. Keith, you would have enjoyed it. I think the next party will roll around next year, but you should definitely attend Art on the Rocks at the B'ham Museum of Art! It's this Friday.

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