Rihanna’s Benefit Concert in Birmingham

We all know the celebrity life is full of glam, lights, cameras, and sometimes stalkers. Okay, not that many stalkers, but we know some media vampires love to suck up the bright lights. It isn’t eveyday that a celeb as popular and vibrant as Rihanna comes along to assist after a deadly tornado. Remember a few months ago, Amos Lee did something similar!

It may be hard for many to fathom, but there are a lot of things that residents here in Alabama still need after the devastating April 27th tornado. Our favorite (shhh…don’t tell anyone) local news, Fox 6, reports that pop royalty, Rihanna, will stop by Birmingham on her way to Atlanta. Rihanna, the ArtBelles welcome you to this great state we call home! Though TV portrays us as country bumpkins, we have heart and always pull together through tough times. Ready for the juice, Rihanna fans? The “From Tragedy to Triumph” benefit show is scheduled for July 11th at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center. The tickets will go on sale bright and early tomorrow, June 30th, at 9am CST on Livenation and Ticketmaster. The event benefits these organizations in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa: Project Team Up, Tuscaloosa Disaster Relief Fund, and the Mayor’s Disaster Relief Fund (Birmingham). http://youtu.be/8Ik4EpYrIik


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