Let’s Jam Live: Jazz Pioneer Rocks the Alys

For you ArtBLT’ers that read every little piece of love we share, you knew how elated we were to get to see Herbie Hancock live in Birmingham, AL at the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center. Last night was electric and the ArtBelles were jamming!

Not only did the legendary pianist share funny stories (he is a comedian on the sly folks) and display his cool, hip and diverse side, but he had fun while doing it—Hancock even referenced YouTube at one point. With ten GRAMMY Awards, it’s no wonder he’s had longevity in a business that’s hard for many to stay afloat in!

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Hello Black Music Month

Today is the first day of Black Music Month, in case you ArtBLT’ers didn’t know! In honor of music that is as funky as it is inspiring. We will highlight some of our favorite songs from a few recording artists that we have loved since we’ve been little itty bitty belles.

To kick things off, we present Mr. Marvin Gaye to you. Not only did his silky soulful voice transcend a genre, but he sung messages of love and peace, which is what we are still in need of in this world. Please don’t be shy—feel free to share your favorite  musician(s) and tell us why they are special to you!

Let’s Jam Live: Playboy Jazz Festival

There is nothing like live music. It send shivers up my spine and makes me convulse in delight. And jazz, oh jazz, is a whole nother story. It makes an ArtBelle bop (yes bop) her head, tap her feet, and relax after a long day. The 33rd annual Playboy Jazz Festival is coming soon folks. The event has some of the biggest names in jazz, and features up and comers that are soon to be headliners. The festival is on June 11-12th at the Hollywood Bowl.

Artists include: Buddy Guy, The Roots, Dianne Reeves, Geri Allen, Naturally 7, and more. Bill Cosby will serve as the Master of Ceremonies, which I’m sure will be a treat in and of itself.

Indie Love: Sepia Love

Almost a month ago, when the ArtBelles started this blog journey, we came across a sneak peek for a show, “Sepia Love,” that looks hip, intriguing and jazzy (just like ya girls)! Being the inspector-gadget-in-training that I am, I found out a little info on the series after emailing the writer/director, and wanted to share the info with you, my ArtBLT addicts. Doesn’t the cartoon look amazing? If you think that’s somethin’ wait until you check out the pictures of the cast.

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