ArtBelles on Vacation

Hi lovely ArtBLT’er! The ArtBelles are currently having some fun in the sun and enjoying a much needed vacation. Feel free to snoop around the blog and check out our older posts. Regularly scheduled programming will resume on August 8th. Thank you SO MUCH for your support of ArtBLT and we do hope to see you soon! ~Shermika & Tamika

Let’s Watch Ball

If you know the ArtBelles, then you know that although we are southern born and bred, we don’t care for the hot weather. You would think that we are use to it, but we run towards the A/C like the Wicked Witch of the West runs from water. Summertime is most def the number one season that we have a love/hate relationship with.

We had a chance to attend a Barons Baseball game and had a wonderful time at ABC 33/40’s Client Appreciation party thanks to a wonderful friend! Y’all know that baseball is an American pastime, and is loved all over the world. What have you done this summer or are planning to do with family/friends? Shermika and I haven’t had a picnic yet, but plan on doing so once things cool off a bit. Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to or are planning to do!








Shoe Attack: Glittery Pumps

If you’re looking to buy a belle a gift, then look no further than a pair of shoes–preferably heels. A great heel makes me feel as if I’m some runway model, although I know it will never happen since I’m so short!

One of my fave shoe companies is Nine West. I love Nine West because they’re heels are always comfortable and affordably priced. I can look good and still have some greenbacks in my pocket. Moreover, I’m a hard fit–my feet are wide at the top and my heel is narrow, so Nine Westies always fit me well, although at times I have to go down a half size.

I promise ArtBLT’ers, I’ll get to modeling some of my shoes for you soon. I think it’s important for you all to see what a belle likes to rock on her tootsies.

Grase is a suede pump with sequin and rhinestone accents that will set any outfit off! The shoe has a 4.5″ heel and a 1″ platform. I’m not a fan of suede shoes and only have about 1-2 pairs that are suede, but these are cute. I think suede is too hard to clean and you never know if they’ll get rained on. 

I saw the red pair and almost had a conniption; they would pair great with a chic black cocktail dress. I like that the shoes are “plain” but have the detailing with sequins and such…it’s like a sweet surprise for anyone that’s watching you prance away.

Let’s Jam: Naturally 7

A belle loves some unique music. You know the kind that makes you tap your feet and have one of those aha moments? Well, ArtBLT’ers look no further. We present to you Naturally 7. Naturally 7 was created in 1999 in NYC and is known for their vocal play. What is vocal play you ask curious ArtBLT’er? It is using the voice as an instrument.

When you listen to Naturally 7 you may hear drums, guitars, horns, flutes, or another instrument. The neat part is what you hear is someone’s voice–not a tangible instrument. Neat, huh? The group has toured all over the world and worked with Michael Buble.

Listening to Naturally 7 is magical. Hopefully, the wish fairy will allow us to see them live one day. Check some videos here. Well, thank us later with shoes, cupcakes and pasta.


Eats & Treats: The Cheesecake Factory

A belle loves some good food, especially when it comes to The Cheesecake Factory. The ArtBelles don’t discriminate against chains if the food is good.We love the ambiance, food and the service. And don’t get me started on how a belle swoons over the cheesecake.

I am in love with the strawberry lemonade there, but tend to get my domestic on at home so I can sweeten it to my liking.

TamikaBelle and I ordered our favorite dishes. I’m sure they were full of fat, so in an effort to watch these dancer’s figures we ate half and took the rest home.

I had the Stuffed Chicken Tortillas that were stuffed with chicken, a hefty amount of cheese, tomatillo sauce and cilantro. Sweet corn cakes came with the dish and let me tell you–they are good. This time they weren’t that good because they didn’t come out hot.

TamikaBelle had the Louisiana Chicken Pasta (pictured above), which in my opinion, does not contain one iota of spiciness. Then again, that belle is a little scared of the heat and likes her dishes mild! The pasta is a great dish with fried chicken breasts, mushrooms, peppers, and Cajun spices. TamikaBelle likes to jazz up her food by adding broccoli and a little Parmesan cheese.

What’s your favorite dish at The Cheesecake Factory! If you haven’t been or don’t care for TCF, what’s your favorite dish at a restaurant? Until we eat again…