Summer Fashion is Cool

One thing about the summertime that is a must is cool carefree clothing. Now, I don’t get naked, but a belle likes to don a cute dress, or something remotely comfortable. I saw these looks and wanted to know your thoughts. I haven’t worn overalls since I was a kid, but these are quite sexy. They aren’t country bumpkinish and can easily be jazzed up with some 4″ heels or cute flats.

This blue jean dress is up my alley. Pair it with a skinny black belt and some red flats and you’re on your way.

Now, this dress is loose and cool! I don’t know if it would work on someone with a lot of curves, but it’s a perfect dress for hitting the sales up in.


Shermika is a writer constantly in search of her next freelance gig and an ending to her short stories. She loves to plan trips, eat tasty delicacies, and tip toe in heels. She enjoys unique jewelry, good music, reading, and chic dresses.

7 thoughts to “Summer Fashion is Cool”

  1. I can not wear jeans or overalls in the summer. Well, I can but, I hate them on hot days. No, no, no. I do wear sundresses 80% off the time so the dresses are right up my alley. I would go with the long dress if I had to pick one of the two. It looks the cutest.

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