Shoe Attack: Shopping at Aldo

Who has on the best shoes ArtBLT'ers? I'm bias as I love any great shoe!

Y’all know that one thing a belle love is some shoes. Tamika is the purse girl and I am the shoe girl. Well, I ran across Aldo while doing some window shopping in the mall yesterday. I have always walked in Aldo, said they had some great looking shoes, but never felt compelled to buy them. Well, things changed for the better yesterday.

One of the undisclosed number of shoes that I purchased! Look at those gams!

I found several great pair of shoes, and received STELLAR customer service. I am a true Southern belle and love being treated properly. I met the manager, Jermaine (a sweetheart), who invited me to Aldo’s shoe premier party later on that evening.

The party was the second of its kind at the store located in the Riverchase Galleria. Guests were treated to food, drinks and sweet coupons–y’all know I fall head over heels when a coupon is involved. We were invited to look at new styles, learn about the upcoming Fall collection, and shop to our hearts content.

I talked to Jermaine about how he wound up at Aldo, and he spoke so highly of the company. You can truly tell Aldo goes above and beyond to deliver an awesome shopping experience for their customers. Originally from Memphis, Jermaine has been in Birmingham for four months and has increased sales at the store. He is leaving next month after having left his mark on Birmingham shoe lovers (*wipes tear from eye*).

After Tamika bought this I wanted one too!

I cannot recommend Aldo enough! The shoes are uber cute, comfortable and are reasonably priced. They sell purses, jewelry, and men/women shoes. Some price stickers made me blink 3 times, but alas my green isn’t running low (just yet) and there wasn’t a hot coupon. The entire staff was so friendly, which always makes for a stellar shoe shopping adventure. I cannot brag on their lovely personalities enough! Everyone was so accommodating and made sure I had shoes I felt good in.

Thanks to the lovely staff for what will NOT be the last time an ArtBelle shops at Aldo.

Check out all of the fun we had….

True shoe fiend!
A quick pic with Aldo's staff--> L-R: Amanda, LaDarius, Adriana, April, James, Carlton, Tamika, Jermaine, & Shermika!
The stylish/friendly host April with the well-dressed store manager Jermaine
Shermika's Paradise!
This is the best crew we have EVER met! True teamwork!!



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9 thoughts to “Shoe Attack: Shopping at Aldo”

  1. OMG ALDO I love their shoes so much but I can never find anything my size, unfortunately I have feet of the larger persausion. Can't stop a girl from loving from a far. Honestly that must really be an amazing crew to come together for a snap shot like that, your experience sounds amazing, and so are the shoes you selected. Artbella's have got serious style!


    1. It's funny ladies as I had never shopped in Aldo before. So good to hear great comments about them from y'all. Shanny, don't feel bad. Tamika has wide feet so it's hard for her to find "cute" shoes. She isn't a heel lover however–although I'm trying my hardest to convert her. They were an amazing crew of people and I loved the experience. Sharon, Tamika got to add a purse and some jewelry–she's the purse belle after all. Jennifer some of their pices made a belle blink a few times, but fortunately I always run to the clearance rack, so I came out rather decently. I'm glad you love them. Maybe me and my ego will wound up on your blog 😉

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