Eats & Treats: The Cheesecake Factory

A belle loves some good food, especially when it comes to The Cheesecake Factory. The ArtBelles don’t discriminate against chains if the food is good.We love the ambiance, food and the service. And don’t get me started on how a belle swoons over the cheesecake.

I am in love with the strawberry lemonade there, but tend to get my domestic on at home so I can sweeten it to my liking.

TamikaBelle and I ordered our favorite dishes. I’m sure they were full of fat, so in an effort to watch these dancer’s figures we ate half and took the rest home.

I had the Stuffed Chicken Tortillas that were stuffed with chicken, a hefty amount of cheese, tomatillo sauce and cilantro. Sweet corn cakes came with the dish and let me tell you–they are good. This time they weren’t that good because they didn’t come out hot.

TamikaBelle had the Louisiana Chicken Pasta (pictured above), which in my opinion, does not contain one iota of spiciness. Then again, that belle is a little scared of the heat and likes her dishes mild! The pasta is a great dish with fried chicken breasts, mushrooms, peppers, and Cajun spices. TamikaBelle likes to jazz up her food by adding broccoli and a little Parmesan cheese.

What’s your favorite dish at The Cheesecake Factory! If you haven’t been or don’t care for TCF, what’s your favorite dish at a restaurant? Until we eat again…


Shermika is a writer constantly in search of her next freelance gig and an ending to her short stories. She loves to plan trips, eat tasty delicacies, and tip toe in heels. She enjoys unique jewelry, good music, reading, and chic dresses.

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