Tête-à-tête Thursdays: Art by LaTanya Renee

From painting abstract art on acrylic nails as a licensed manicurist to an abstract expressionist, the super talented LaTanya Renee has made a name for herself by stepping out on faith and having fun in the process. If you are in need of some beautiful and affordable art, then look no further. Art by LaTanya Renee is a business worth getting to know.

"See Into the Soul"

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Fun of a BAAM!

The beautiful & VERY talented dance company: Devyani

Well, if you read here, then you know that a belle loves some stomp down good music/entertainment–especially if it’s something we can clue the masses in. The ArtBelles were fortunate enough to have the 2nd annual Birmingham Arts and Music Festival (BAAMfest!) located in our very own backyard.

The festival took place in 21 venues across Birmingham last weekend–primarily the Downtown/Southside areas. Different musical genres, dance, and comedy were represented. Read on for the deets & more pics (including N’dambi)!

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Pedi-Sure, You Can!

Well ArtBLT’ers summer is almost over and I can honestly say that I won’t hardly miss it. The heat, sweat, burning of my skin, etc. is just too much. Although I love to flaunt my cute chubby toes in the sunlight everyday during the warm months, I get slightly sad that my lovely sandals and toes will be housed for several cold months.

I have discovered for some years now that I am very good at pedicures. With the economy the way it is, the first thing ShermikaBelle and I cut out was hair and nail appointments. Sometimes when we have to make changes we discover unknown talents!

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BAAM… You in?

If you are a junkie of performances like the ArtBelles, then you should shimmy on down the road to get your ticket into heaven–arts heaven that is. On August 12-14th, the Magic City will welcome some of the hottest talent at its weekend party. The 2nd annual Birmingham Art and Music Festival (BAAMfest!) is rollin’ into town. Both local and non local talents will blaze the stages and set your ears/eyes on fire!

BAAMfest! will showcase over 200 performers–inclusive of musicians (too many to name), dancers, comedians, and  family-friendly events. This weekend party will span over 21 venues throughout the Magic City, so, you can choose where you want to go and who you want to see.

Entertainment will include: N’Dambi (we’ve been rockin’ this chick for a century now), The Wilson Thrills, DJ SWI, The Magic City Sirens, and Ponyboy to name a slim few. Sounds exciting, huh? Ready to go now? Purchase your ticket here and check out the full schedule here. Be sure to send us pics/tell us if you plan on attending. See you there!