Asheville Food & Wine Festival

I’ve always wanted to sojourn to Asheville, NC so a belle could take in some delightful food, cool sights, hip places and culture. One of these days I’ll make my way there and do a travel post for y’all. Anyway, being the foodie an ArtBelle is, I found out about the Wine & Food Festival held in none other than Asheville, NC. On August 12-13th foodies will unite for a good ole wine and food festival.

There will be samples of desserts, wine, cocktails, and all sorts of delicacies. As I type, my tummy is starting to rumble! The event culminates on August 13th with a grand tasting of various wines and food. There are a plethora of seminars such as wine etiquette that are sure to please any vino lover.

Tickets range from $35-$75 and I so wish we could cover this for y’all but we just got back from vacay. If you’d like more info, check out the site here.

Chic Dresses, Cool Prices


WorthingtonĀ® Shirt Dress-Petites

Okay, if you read this section, then you know that a belle loves a chic dress! Since I am a frugalista, I tend to buy dresses more as they hide my va voom (hips) and they’re less usually less expensive than buying a shirt and slacks/skirt. I make one outfit do for all and then have some money leftover for you guessed it…SHOES!

If you haven’t seen me in person, I’m fairly short. I won’t divulge my height at the moment unless you have the proper security clearance, but let’s just say a belle always has to shop in the petite section, or get her pants hemmed.

I love JCPenney! Their clothes are always reasonable priced, coupons are abundant which makes a belle want to holler like Marvin, and the clothing is of good quality. This gorgeous shirt dress is on sale for $19.99.

The color of this dress would look great on my skin tone! It is great for the summer and could be recycled well into winter time if you pair it perfectly with boots and chic jewelry. Some dresses don’t work well on a hippy girl, but I’ve found that some shirt dresses accentuate your va voom without having you looking foolish.

So, ArtBLT chicas, what dresses are you donning this summer?