Smoke, Angels & Birthday Cake

These black angels were dolls (the fog was thick in the air)!!

With fall being here we are excited, but are now starting to reminisce on all of the fun we’ve had this summer. We went to a lot of parties and events and though we’ve shared many, we haven’t shared them all. One that comes to mind is Scot Wedgeworth’s b’day bash.

If you haven’t heard of him you should check him out now. Not only is this extremely gifted celebrity event designer fun, but his work is simply breathtaking. Scot’s b’day party was held at an old train station in Tuscaloosa, AL.

The fiercest cake EVER!
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Party Like it’s Fall Eve

B'ham Magazine's Best of Party!

Yesterday we celebrated fall eve at Birmingham Magazine’s Best of B’ham Party. If you didn’t know by now, Birmingham Magazine knows how to throw a party that the whole family would love. Don’t forget about all the fun we had at their Beautiful People Party! Man, we had a ball. Other than having my heels sink into not-so-dry grass and getting stuck not once, not twice, but too many times to count, I still enjoyed myself.

The best part about these parties, other than them being completely free to those that RSVP, is that they allow you to see old/new friends all in one fab place. Spot us at 1:18 on the video below!!!

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Jazzy Saturday

Well, if you don’t know  by now  a belle loves some jazz. In our eyes anyone that can play a sax is a king! We may not know the names of all the greats, but as long as the music makes us travel to better days, then a belle is there.

Birmingham ArtBLT’ers, are you going to be downtown this Saturday?! The 4th Avenue Jazz Festival is back, and hopefully, it’s better this year! Hot 107.7’s Tasha Simone is to host the show with saxophonist Paul Taylor headlining. Check here for the complete line up. Let us know if you plan on attending. I don’t know if we will be able to make it, but we will let you know if we do. Some of Mr. Taylor’s music is below. Let us know how you like it.

Shoe Attack: Oxford Heels

I’m a fan of oxfords. They have a nice and clean look to them. I like how fashion is incorporating men’s look into styles that are super sexy and stylish for us belles. I was computer screen shopping (the virtual version of window shopping) on Aldo, saw this cute pair, and I had to share. “Falge” retails for $100. It is a supple camel leather and has cute slim lace-ups. The heel is about 3-4″ and I think you can dress these up or down. I would likely pair them with a black dress and tights for an eclectic look. I’ll be posting more shoes that are great for the Fall in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned shoe addicts!