Eats & Treats: Oven-Fried Lazy Meal!

Oven-Fried Chicken

Y’all know a belle likes to show off in the kitchen. ShermikaBelle and I just love wings. I’ve even joked that we are going to turn into chickens one day. We love wings, but not just ANY wing. They have to be extra crispy because a belle doesn’t care for chicken with soft skin. Now that I think about it, that should be a crime punishable by paper cuts and lemon juice!

I always bake my hot wings because not only is it healthier, but it’s less work. I don’t have to babysit a fryer or worry about being splattered with cooking oil. Read on and I’ll tell/show you how I cook these divine wings!

About to become hot wings!

I start by placing fresh and dry (use a paper towel) chicken wings on an ungreased baking sheet. Don’t add ANY seasonings. You don’t need any oil because the fat from the chicken will render onto the pan which will help keep most pieces from sticking to the pan. I said most, not all. So, be aware that some may stick a little and this is perfectly fine.

Next, I turn my oven on 425 degrees and place the wings in the cold oven to start cooking. This way the pan is cold and they slowly start to warm up. I think this process helps with making the skin extra crispy! They cook for about 45 minutes with you turning them once after 20 minutes.

I know it seems crazy but this is my method and it works every time.  When they are done they will look like the picture above.

I like to take the wings off the baking sheet and let them rest for a minute on a paper towel while I am getting the sauce prepared. These are the essential ingredients that you will need:

This is what I like to use, but feel free to make these wings your own. After all you did make ’em! In a non-stick pan add about a 1/4 of hot sauce, 1tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, 2 cap fulls of white vinegar (yea, I said two cap fulls), a couple of shakes of rosemary, and a few dashes of fresh cracked black pepper. I love these Indian Peppercorns–they rock!

Did you notice that I didn’t add any salt? That’s because there is plently of sodium in the hot sauce and you won’t need any. The hot sauce is your only source of salt and anymore would be too much. Trust me.

Mix all these ingredients together and then add your hot chicken into the nonstick pan:

Hot wings--Oh yea!

Take a plastic (heat resistant) spoon and make sure every piece of your divine wings get some love from this sauce. We serve these with homemade oven fried potatoes that we cut into rounds, but sometimes we eat them with a baked potato.

Don’t you just love the little red basket? These always make us feel as though we are eating out when we are eating in. They taste so good. The skin is crispy, and you get a little heat/zip from the sauce/vinegar. Did I mention that the rosemary makes us want to do a little happy dance?

What do you eat with your wings? If you make these let us know how they turn out! This is my favorite meal because it’s fun and fab every time. Who would have ever thought that veggies and protein could taste so good oven fried?! Enjoy!!



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