Undiscovered History & Folk Art

Isn’t this car beautiful? Don’t you want your ride pimped out to look like this? Don’t laugh because this was someone’s first car. Would you laugh if I told you that I had no idea that we have a history center here in Birmingham (BHC)? I swear to you, friends, we’ve lived in this historic city all of our lives. Read on for the fun!

The sis and I discovered Art Folk (a contemporary arts center)/the BHC several weeks ago when we went to a local magazine’s CD release party. Though we didn’t thoroughly look through the BHC at the time, we’ve since went back and had a ball looking at some old artifacts.

The sis...you know this by now, right?
A local poet here... I love how the other photos are seen in this one pic!

Remember, a while back we saw the “Who Shot Rock & Roll” exhibit at the B’ham Museum of art; now, we’ve had a chance to  see neat photography from some Alabama photographers that took photos of a few musicians that are in the “We Shot Rock and Roll” exhibit. The “We Shot Rock & Roll” exhibit ends this Sunday, so we hope that you will check it out before it’s gone.

I adore the exposed brick walls in the buildings/lofts downtown!
My friend Nicole & I!

The BHC is defiently a must-see for those of you that are interesteed in how this city was a long time ago. Check out out pictures from the event!

Birmingham History Center's Hours. You goin'?
Me! Yes, Me!
B-Metro Magazine CD Party!
Take one!
Downtown Birmingham--The police headquarters that you see on the "First 48" TV show!


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