Smoke, Angels & Birthday Cake

These black angels were dolls (the fog was thick in the air)!!

With fall being here we are excited, but are now starting to reminisce on all of the fun we’ve had this summer. We went to a lot of parties and events and though we’ve shared many, we haven’t shared them all. One that comes to mind is Scot Wedgeworth’s b’day bash.

If you haven’t heard of him you should check him out now. Not only is this extremely gifted celebrity event designer fun, but his work is simply breathtaking. Scot’s b’day party was held at an old train station in Tuscaloosa, AL.

The fiercest cake EVER!
The ArtBelles!

The theme was “Blackstorm” and proceeds went to The American Red Cross for tornado relief. My favorite network (Food Network) was in the building filming Scot’s new reality TV show. Everyone was sexy in all black; it was fun to see how guests dressed their black up or down.

The VIP tent was filled with people, drinks and beautiful lighting. Inside the train station upbeat music greeted guest as they were surrounded by smoke which gave an alluring feel to the party. Have you been to any cool/crazy parties this summer?

Doesn't Scot look cool on this ticket?!

Check out designer Travis Mackey. We took photos on the black carpet, too!
Loved it!
The press was at Scot Wedgeworth's bash!
ShermikaBelle wanted a piece of the cake behind her!
Food Network Crew filming guests!

Scot Wedgeworth's angels had on adorable Calvin Klein undies that read: Got Scot?


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