Let’s Jam: Kindred

Y’all know an ArtBelle loves some music that makes her tap her feet, bop her head and most importantly, feel good. Well, Kindred The Family Soul, or Kindred as we like to call them, released a new album a few months ago: Love Has No Recession.

Have you checked out this husband & wife duo yet? If not, you need to go download them now. Since Friday is a breath away we thought we’d start the weekend off right with some great tunes. Here’s one of our old/new favorite jams. What’s yours?


Review of Taste of Atlanta 2011

The highlight of our weekend was meeting Aarón Sanchez. Period!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We had a ball eating some of the best food the south has to offer. Now, y’all know by now that a belle loves food, sweets and fun! Tamika and I had been longing to go to the Taste of Atlanta (TOA), so we were excited to attend the festival on both Saturday and Sunday.

The highlight of Saturday was meeting Chef Aarón Sanchez of Food Network. If you are a Food Network head as we are, then you know he’s a food rock star! I spotted him in the crowd and told Tamika (who did not believe me).

Aarón was so sweet and personable; he took a few pictures with us after Tamika politely asked him. If a belle hasn’t felt like a rock star before, she sure did after meeting Sanchez! If you still don’t know who he is then now is your time to Google! With our free TOA iPod/iPhone app and 15 taste coupons (tickets) each we were destined for good eats.

Baton Bob at Taste of Atlanta 2011

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Indie Love: “Silver Tongues”

We watch a lot of independent films and many are worth talking about. “Silver Tongues” is one of them. We saw this movie a few months ago and hope that you all go and find it. It’s a real thought provoking film that has so many turns you don’t know where it’s headed.

The movie starts off with comedy that evolves two couples that meet and their night is changed forever. It’s a must-see and I cannot wait to see it again. Do check out the trailer!!

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Opera in Birmingham

Birmingham Opera Singer Cordelia Anderson

Several months back we briefly told you about a young lady that has a voice from heaven. We had the honor of meeting Cordelia a while back at a friend’s graduation party. To say that she can sing is an understatement. We cannot wait for you to watch our videos to hear this voice! Read More