Rocky Horror Masquerade Ball

Happy Halloween, everyone!! Are you planning on being anything spooky? Though we won’t be dressing up today we got a head start on Friday night. We went to the Rocky Horror Masquerade Ball (RHMB) at the Alabama Theatre. Tamika dressed as a sexy vampire in all black with fishnet tights and I was a beautiful geisha. 

Your favorite belles had a ball getting dressed up and we had a fairly good time at the event. It was hilarious to see all of the different costumes. There was a costume contest that went on and on, but it was good to see what everyone wore. We saw everything from smurfs to prostitutes, polygamists, underwear claden men, and so on.

We look forward to dressing up next year, but probably won’t make it to another RHMB because it just wasn’t our type of party. Will you be sharing some photos with us? Check out some of our fun photos below!

Tamika channeling her inner vampire diva!
Isn’t this robe beautiful?! Tamika has one in a different pattern–we found these in Asia last year. So many people complimented me on it!!

He wanted his contest number to get noticed. Mission: accomplished!
He seemed very comfortable!


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8 thoughts to “Rocky Horror Masquerade Ball”

    1. @Brittany: Thank you so much! It was our first year dressing up and it was SOOO fun. We're def making it a tradition now.
      @Sharon: Hilarious! Isn't it funny how when we get older we get more schooled in the ways of life? Hopefully, you and your daughter will be able to go to Asia and she can pick up some great things. It's certainly a beautiful place and the souvenirs I bought remind me of my time there. Nah, she won't quit loving you, but she'll LOVE YOU MORE once you get her there. Since she's already fascinated by the culture I know she'll have an awesome time. The traditions, customs and people are so beautiful. Your daughter has a great obsession 😉

  1. Of all your pictures the man in the suit jacket and pantyhose just captured my attention for minutes. I think it's because he reminds me of the time I worked in the hosiery dept of a department store when I was younger. This guy who worked "upstairs" came down one evening and purchased pantyhose and while I helped him look for the size, it wasn't until we got to the register I realized they were for him. And when my coworker (an older woman) came back and I mentioned it she was like "oh that's no secret." So young. So native. haha.

    Anyway, it looks like you guys had a great time. My daughter would "die" if she had that Geisha robe. She is about all things Asian. Has been that way since she was little. Don't know where she got her obsession from we (family) all giggle about it because she seriously has been obsessed since she was little. At four she wanted an Asian inspired room. Like who did I reincarnate? She will not be happy and quit loving me if I don't get her to China (or Japan) in the next two years. Well, not quit loving me, that would be impossible being I am the greatest mother ever. haha

    Anyway, let me quit posting . . .er. . commenting.

    1. Thanks for commenting ladies! @Shanny: We spent 3 weeks exploring Japan in great depth. It was worth the 14 & 1/2 plane. It's fun to travel to places that many people don't want to go/are scared to go to. I don't understand how some people can limit their life in that way. Traveling is a part of our spirit & it's something that we share together. We've been to many countries, but Japan takes the cake! @Sharon your daughter will have a ball in Asia–Surprisingly there are NOT many people (even young) that speak English–We thought this wouldn't be SO much the case in Tokyo, but it was… The further you travel you won't even find English in the buses/subway. We learned some Japanese before going, but were able to get around on our own after learning the train system. We are experienced travelers so we used our instincts/charm when trying to get around. When we go back we plan on seeing even more.

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