Taste of Atlanta 10th Anniversary

Calling all foodies! The Taste of Atlanta (TOA) is coming upon us soon and http://spyappforcellphone.com/ very soon! Tamika and I are ready to meet the food and bar king. Talk about a belle being giddy. Grab yourself a VIP pass so that you can experience the best of the best! Trust me when I say that the VIP pass is worth getting. October 22-23 is when all the food tasting will begin, but there will be a party the Friday night prior. TOA bills itself as Atlanta’s premier Food+Wine+Beer+Cocktail festival. Over 80 restaurants will be on how do you spy on someones cell phone hand allowing us foodies to taste their exotic goodies. There will be demonstrations, competitions, book signings, beverage seminars, and more. The ArtBelles are planning on attending for the first time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the well known festival, so we’ll let y’all know our thoughts. The TOA even has an app you can download. Sweet! I’ve downloaded phone spy it already buy online essay and cannot wait to use it at the festival to plan out what delicacies I will devour. Get your phone spy tickets NOW! Will we see you there? Images via Taste of Atlanta’s website.

Southern Women’s Show 2011

You can't get lost with this huge directory!

If you have never been to a Southern Women’s Show (SWS) then you are missing a treat. Not only is this show for women, but it’s male friendly and you can buy gifts for the whole family (pets included)! The sis and I went to our first show several years ago when our dog was in a fashion show. This show travels from city to city around the south and still has upcoming dates.

The thing we enjoyed most this year was the warm individuals that we stopped to chat with throughout the day. We spent over 5 hours perusing the aisles looking for unique and fab finds and this show didn’t dissappoint. If you are looking for a show to excite, entertain, engage, and amuse, then look no further!

Stillman College models!

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Tête-à-tête Thursdays: Kimberly Abbott Artwork

"Mind Reeling"

“Hello” a bubbly voice says on the other line. Instead of being nervous, I feel at ease–as if I am calling an old friend. Two hours flew by as we chatted about work, our lives, passions, and macaroni ‘n cheese. I know we say it all the time, but a belle LOVES to build relationships. Our readers are so important to us and we love reading your comments, tweets and seeing what you’re all about.

Speaking of tweets, I ran across Kimberly Abbott, a lovely visual artist on Twitter. She and I connected and two months later we finally conversed on the phone. Both of us have crazy schedules and since I’m a scatterbrain it took a while for us to link up. If you don’t know Kimberly, you will after today. Her art is beyond gorgeous, and she was beyond gracious to grant the ArtBelles an interview.


Kimberly Abbott is a self taught artist who likens art as her form of meditation. She started performing at the age of 7 in California, but now calls Astoria, NY home. Abbott is a singer/dancer/performer and has experience doing musical theatre and dance. Read on for more! Read More

Benefits of a Healthy Relationship

October is one of the best months. Yes, it’s my birth month, but it also shines light on pertinent causes, one being National Domestic Violence Month. Since ArtBLT is all about having fun through art, which in turn helps you ward off the grays, I wanted to write about ENJOYING a healthy relationship.

Spouse/Significant other: Any relationship should be a mutual kinship. If the person is not there for you emotionally or leaves you spiritually dead, then you need to reevaluate the situation. Do they discourage your dreams or isolate you? If a person doesn’t take time to learn about your interests (like reading your blog), or simply ignores you then this isn’t a good sign. If someone does these things, or is physically/verbally abusive then this is not a healthy relationship.

Friend: TamikaBelle and I always say most people want friends but don’t know how to be one. A TRUE friend is someone you can be yourself around, listens to your problems and provides support. Evaluate your circle. If your friends are only there because of who you are/the contacts you have, then you may want to reassess the relationship. Always pay attention to the signs when they are given.

Enjoying each other in Asia!

Sibling: In our opinion, this is one of the best relationships one can have. You have a friend for life in most cases. If your sibling degrades you, doesn’t support you, or it appears as if they do not care about you, then this probably isn’t a very good relationship. Don’t feel bound by blood. Sometimes you have to end a relationship when it’s draining you.

Relationships are a key to our happiness and well-being. They provide a nice balance in this whirlwind called life. I am blessed to have the love, support and friendship of my sister. The ArtBelles enjoy building relationships with you ArtBLT’ers, and we stress the importance of being nice to others.

Here are some tips from a belle on how to build/maintain a healthy relationship:

  • Cook! Y’all know a belle likes to throw down and it is an excellent destresser
  • Put on some good music.
  • Get on the road or a plane and TRAVEL
  • Find a local event to attend
  • Pamper yourself. And oh yeah, don’t forget the shoe shopping!

If you are in an abusive or unfulfilling relationship, you are not alone. As an ArtBelle favorite, Mary J. Blige says, no more drama. Don’t ever be afraid to walk away from ANYTHING if it doesn’t contribute to your well-being. Praying for your peace, happiness and health.

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Are you or someone you know being abused? Please call the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence for help 24/7 at 1-800-650-6522 or visit them online at www.acadv.org.

Local Eats & Treats: Café de Paris

A delish complimentary cold tomato gazpacho (Shermika LOVES this)!

Update: Shermika had a horrible experience on May 23, 2012 and we will NOT  be back again. The shrimp wasn’t fresh, the fries were greasy, the duck was salty, and the owner was very nasty when she complained. Shermika ended up getting sick later.

Don’t you just love finding new places to dine? Shermika and I have favorite eateries all over the world that we often reminisce about. Some of the best meals we’ve had were in Asia, Mexico, Jamaica (recently), and right here in our own backyard in Birmingham to name a slim few.

When it comes to dining we are as selective as it comes. This is because we work hard for our money and don’t want to waste it on food that isn’t stellar. We’ve had the most enjoyable meals at Café de Paris and the best part is that it’s located in Birmingham’s Southside. The bad part is that we don’t think they will be in business long because it takes a little too long to get food and the service (waiters) is a hit or miss.

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