It’s Showtime at the Atlanta History Center

The Apollo Theater's Amateur Night was created in 1934!

I can remember as a child staying up late to watch the iconic show, “Showtime at the Apollo.” A young belle enjoyed seeing Sandman come out on the stage (did you know that he was an actual tap dancer?)! Don’t act as if I am the only one that laughed out loud at some of the people that were foolish enough to think they had talent (some had talent–Lauryn Hill was booed from the stage at 13).

And how could we ever forget the fab Kiki Shepard and the countless hosts. My favorite host was Steve Harvey; I can see that high-top fade now. It’s important to not forget that this legendary show helped shape entertainment culture and is the foundation for many new shows such as American Idol and such. It was a place where artists of all kind could come together and showcase their talent in front of a live audience.

The beautiful Atlanta History Center in Midtown Atlanta! It's MUCH larger than it looks. Trust me-- over a dozen acres!

We decided to visit the Apollo exhibit as well as meet one of our friends via Twitter, a belle by the name of Brandi. It’s amazing at the relationships that are built via Twitter, and we were so excited to finally meet Brandi and learn more about the exhibit!

Laughs at the Apollo got many people through the Great Depression

Thinking about this show makes me smile–literally. Shermika and I made a special trip to Harlem to see the theater a few years ago and we were excited to actually stand on the pavement outside the building. There is so much about the Apollo Theater that we didn’t know about upon arriving to check out this wonderful intimate exhibition.

Did any of you know that they once did black-face comedy there? Very interesting. If you are in the area you should most def check out all that the AHC has to offer. I didn’t want to spoil it for you so I won’t go into greater detail. The Apollo exhibit will be at Atlanta’s History Center until March 2012, so get there fast. Check out our photos until you can make it there!!

Everyone headed to Harlem because it was THE place to be!

A pretty dress worn by the beautiful/mega talented Ella Fitzgerald!
I loved his style!
James Brown's cape and suite. NICE!!
Savion Glover's shoes (we saw him perform a few years ago--AMAZING), Willie Nelson's scarf & shoes!
Check out Patti LaBelle's lovely red dress! Fierce!
My husband's (in my head) jean jacket, hat & more!
This exhibit is very cozy. There are videos playing and history all around you.
The ArtBelles taking a photo with Brandi. She gave us some history on the AHC before we saw this fab exhibit! The sis is rockin' a cute AHC hat.

Check out Steve Harvey in action…TOO funny!!


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    1. Sharon you are hilarious! Maybe one day we'll meet in real life and go to some cool places together! Now that would be sweet. And we could rock our cute heels too while Tamika pranced around in flats LOL. It was a very cool exhibit. So thrilling to see history and the legacy of the Apollo theatre. I had NEVER seen blackface makeup before.

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