Embracing the Arts: One Elevé at a Time

Have you ever been somewhere where you were one of a few, or more surprisingly, the sole black person in the room? Please do not tell me I am the only one that has provided a little hint of color in a theatre or venue.

If you are a fan of the classical arts—particularly ballet, you may see this a lot. Instead of feeling like the elephant in the room, relish the opportunity to embrace a new art form and enjoy yourself.

Granted, there is a lack of black ballerinas, so sometimes it is hard to want to attend events where you do not feel a kinship to anyone. However being one of a handful of black people in the room doesn’t mean one still can’t grab up a girlfriend and watch some stellar ballet moves. Who knows? It may even have you questioning your own flexibility.

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4 thoughts to “Embracing the Arts: One Elevé at a Time”

  1. Congrats on this amazing feature! Well written and absolutely true. I love the arts and being in interior design I'm usually the only black face in a sea of white. It's unfortunate but it won't discourage my love for one minute!

    1. @Shanny: I can totally understand. I was an English major in college and often I was the only black girl in the room. But we CANNOT let it discourage us. I'm so happy about the field you've chosen. Whenever I get a place I WANT to redecorate, I have someone to call on. You are amazingly talented!! I've seen some of the stuff you've put together on Polyvore and the design pieces you show on the site/Tumblr. Keep on rocking it out! Thanks for reading the article and commenting! We appreciate you soooo much!

      @Javacia: It's a long but good story girl. Let's just say months of persistence pays off. Thanks for enjoying the story. 😉

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