Wine and Sand Makes for Great Fun!

With a glass of wine and a little imagination, a belle can have a great time anywhere, but we truly can say that we had fun this cold Birmingham night at Sloss Furnace. Let me start off by saying that though Shermika and I travel all seasons, including winter, we don’t like the cold. We had no idea how cold it was until we got in the car to head downtown.

The sis and I are Junior Patrons of the Birmingham Museum of Art; there are several events throughout the year one can attend. We heard good things about their Iron Pour Party, so we decided to attend. To say the least, we had a ball. Sloss is rumored to be haunted, but we didn’t see any ghosts. Though I like to watch real ghost stories on TV, I most def don’t want to see a ghost in person.

Everyone had their own piece of sand.

It was very cold and dark, but there were plenty of tall portable heaters that saved our night. There are so many things that I can appreciate about Birmingham, including iron. In case you didn’t know, Birmingham was known back in the day for iron. Our city still produces the most unique iron in the country. We make everything from cast iron skillets to cast iron art. From sand and with cast iron we made one-of-a-kind paper weights.

I wrote out the word: Love with the heart as the "O!" Shermika made a "S" that the word love next to it!
The ladies at our table made some cute designs!

To put it simple, we carved our our own design with a nail on a slab of sand and had some iron artists pour hot lava-like iron inside the sand until it hardened. Since sand doesn’t burn, the mold is created beautifully. Have you ever heard of doing something like this? It was my first time and I can honestly say that I look forward to doing this again. Check out our video below. You can see how they pour the hot iron inside of our sand blocks. There are a few more pics to see below, too!


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