Audra McDonald Lights the Night

A belle was busy on Sunday y’all. We saw the Neely’s earlier that day and were invited to attend Audra McDonald’s show at the Leslie Stephen Wright Center, or Wright Center as we fondly call it. McDonald is a four-time Tony award winner and mega talented. A belle hadn’t heard of her before, but we’re sure happy we do now. We adore Broadway so this was the perfect 90 minute show for us being that McDonald sang many songs from American theater. McDonald not only has a beautiful voice but a wonderful personality. She is VERY funny and even sang a song you’d likely see on a SNL skit. Imagine someone telling you a funny/silly story while singing in a soprano voice. This is exactly what McDonald did.

A photo Tamika took of the ASO with her phone before the show started.

The gorgeous singer performed with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra (ASO) and the show was mesmerizing. She performed songs from the 1920’s to present day such as “Go Back Home” from The Scottsboro Boys musical, “Stars and Moon,” “I Can’t Stop Talking About Him” (one of our favorite songs), “Ain’t it the Truth,” and many more. McDonald talked about her love for Lena Horne and many other legendary singers.

Overall, a belle enjoyed being exposed to yet another talented artist. Audra McDonald is a singer/actress you should know! We adore listening to live instruments and the ASO is a special group of individuals. Tamika and I love string instruments and I even played the violin in elementary school. There’s nothing like the arts and we don’t know where we would be if we weren’t exposed to these types of shows. If you have never seen an orchestra live, you should. There are some things you should never deprive yourself of and live shows are one of them! The Wright Center, located on Samford University’s campus, is the perfect venue for the arts and you should visit a show there real soon. B’ham Readers: Check out the rest of the Wright Center’s awesome lineup here. Photo via the world wide web

An Evening with the Neelys’

If you asked me to describe a couple with James and Florida type love (one of my fav shows: “Good Times”), I would have to say The Neelys hands down! Their food is divine, but their spirit is even sweeter.  If you truly know the sis and I, then you’re aware that we adore Pat and Gina like nobody’s business. We even watched their road show on Food Network. Can you believe many people don’t know what I am talking about when I reference it? Silly them, not me!

We had the chance to hear their lecture as well as shake hands (ooh wee) and chat with them (aahh). Pat and Gina Neely come into our homes every day, but thanks to the beautiful Atlanta History Center (AHC) we got to spend over 1.5 hours with them in person. It was truly the perfect event to start our week off. We belles still can’t believe we got to meet them!!!

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Tête-à-tête Thursdays: What Does Your Nail Color Say About You?!

OPI Nail Polish
OPI Nail Polish: Teal the Cows Come Home

If a nail color could describe you what would it say? This question came to me after conversing with the sis for over an hour about nail colors. While recently reading a post on one of my new fab blogs (clumpsofmascara), I saw the cutest must-have blue nail polish (which is a little darker) and decided to share my blue.

Blue/teal happens to be one of my favorite nail colors. This color has been on my radar since I was a social pre-teen in middle school. Blue nail polish reflects my personality to a T: it’s sassy, yet fun. I bought it from Ulta for around 5.00, but used a coupon. Shermika is the coupon queen and always alerts me when a need-to-go sale is occurring. Don’t you just love a good deal? To be honest, OPI is my favorite brand so I really don’t mind spending the extra dollars for their stellar colors. In my head we are going to create the best polish together. A belle can dream, right?

I broke a nail a few hours before painting them and I am not happy at all! Though I am not the best when it comes to not coloring outside the nail, I do enjoy painting and finding new hot colors.

What do you think? Do you like this blue or does it give you the blues?

OPI Nail Polish: Teal the Cows Come Home

Let’s Jam: Heavy D

I am sure by now you know that we have lost another hip-hop legend. The sis and I love hip-hop like nobody’s business. Though we don’t care for much of the rap music that’s out now, we still rock our old hits on a regular basis.

Heavy D was not only a rap genius (with positive music) that made it cool to be fat while dancing, but he was a wonderful actor. We just saw him in Eddie Murphy’s “Tower Heist” this weekend, and I loved his small role on my fav show of all time: “Living Single!”

Here’s one of Heavy D’s last performances at the BET Hip-Hop Awards 2011. His last tweet was: “Be Inspired.” We hope that you will be inspired to live your dreams because tomorrow, or even the next few minutes from now are not guaranteed to us. < Check out this funny clip of him on my show! Heavy D’s funeral will be live streamed 11.18.2011 at 10 CST from NY. Click here for details.

Embracing the Arts: One Elevé at a Time

Have you ever been somewhere where you were one of a few, or more surprisingly, the sole black person in the room? Please do not tell me I am the only one that has provided a little hint of color in a theatre or venue.

If you are a fan of the classical arts—particularly ballet, you may see this a lot. Instead of feeling like the elephant in the room, relish the opportunity to embrace a new art form and enjoy yourself.

Granted, there is a lack of black ballerinas, so sometimes it is hard to want to attend events where you do not feel a kinship to anyone. However being one of a handful of black people in the room doesn’t mean one still can’t grab up a girlfriend and watch some stellar ballet moves. Who knows? It may even have you questioning your own flexibility.

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Photo via Clutch Magazine