Shoe Attack: Nine West Pumps


Hey ArtBLT’ers! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Check out these cuties. They made a belle swoon after seeing them and I am not ashamed to say so. I found them while shopping around the net yesterday.  I promise I am going to get around to modeling my own shoes for you, but alas I shy away from the camera often (hehe). Nine West is one of my favorite brands, so you know I had to share!

“RiddleMe” is a pointed toe mary jane with a 4.5″ heel and a 1″ hidden platform. I always say that if a belle wears a heel she needs two things: a killer insole and a platform if at all possible. Platforms help distribute your weight properly. The shoes retail for $89 and were featured in the November issue of Lucky magazine. My feet would certainly like to rock these, but alas, I’ll have to wait until a 50% off sale goes on since I’m so darn frugal. I am frugal, but far from cheap.

I’ve always liked Nine West because of their affordability, the shoes are ALWAYS comfortable and are very durable. I’ve had Nine West shoes that I’ve owned for 7+ years until I scuffed and scraped them up so bad I had to give them up. A majority of the shoes in my closet are from Nine West, so, I can most certainly serve as their non-paid spokesperson 😉 Tell me what you think.

It’s Showtime at the Atlanta History Center

The Apollo Theater's Amateur Night was created in 1934!

I can remember as a child staying up late to watch the iconic show, “Showtime at the Apollo.” A young belle enjoyed seeing Sandman come out on the stage (did you know that he was an actual tap dancer?)! Don’t act as if I am the only one that laughed out loud at some of the people that were foolish enough to think they had talent (some had talent–Lauryn Hill was booed from the stage at 13).

And how could we ever forget the fab Kiki Shepard and the countless hosts. My favorite host was Steve Harvey; I can see that high-top fade now. It’s important to not forget that this legendary show helped shape entertainment culture and is the foundation for many new shows such as American Idol and such. It was a place where artists of all kind could come together and showcase their talent in front of a live audience.

The beautiful Atlanta History Center in Midtown Atlanta! It's MUCH larger than it looks. Trust me-- over a dozen acres!

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