Our Secret in Jamaica (Part 1 of 2)

After all the emails, we are finally sharing everything an ArtBelle gets into on vacay. We’re so sorry it’s taken us so long to put this up. Come on, mon. Welcome to Montego Bay!!

The view from our patio!

Well, if you don’t know by now, a belle loves to travel! Tamika and I actually have a travel blog that we haven’t updated in over a year. Normally, when we travel we keep a daily log to document our experience. To be as young as we are (late 20’s), we have been blessed to see some of the most beautiful places in the world and hope we’ll see many more.

A view of one of the pools on the walk to our room!

We had the opportunity to go to Jamaica in August (yeah I’m mad late) and managed to score a great deal that included flight, hotel, and transfers. Since there is so much to share, this post will focus on the hotel. For those of you that have never stayed at a resort, don’t fret because we will give you all the details.

Shermika didn't wait a second to put on her slippers & robe!

Let’s begin by saying that Montego Bay is absolutely gorgeous. You will hear the locals call it MoBay. I’m a deal hound by nature, so I don’t stop until I find the BEST price for my meager budget. Tamika laughs at my frugality but smiles when we have more money to spend on vacay.

I’m a control freak and LOVE to plan trips, but we allowed a travel agent to book this one, and I still got to do my planning thing by scoping out the spots we would see on our 6 day/5 night excursion.

We stayed at the newly built Secrets St. James (SSJ). The resort is literally about a 10 minute ride from the airport and near downtown. This all-inclusive resort bills itself as having unlimited luxury for adults and I must say they do an excellent job of pampering their guests.

Once you experience a resort, you will NOT want to go back to the cruise ships. Trust us. Resorts are so much better. Unlimited soda (Tamika was in heaven when they had her fav: Coke Light chilling in the fridge!), alcohol, room service, and anything else you want, which of course pleases a frugal belle.

To be totally honest, the service lacked a bit in the dining area, and we were displeased that none of the advertising featured people of color. Overall, we absolutely fell in love with the resort and would revisit it.

Nothing like an ice cold towel on a hot day!

Upon entering the resort we were greeted with a cold Island punch! Rum is the drink in Jamaica so trust we had our fair share. 😉 With a cold towel on our necks, Shermika and I were set to take in the island. When you get to Secrets you don’t have to lift a finger. They literally carry your bags to your room when you arrive and carry them to your ride when you leave.

A belle couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was. Over the course of a few days we made friends and partied our belle tails off! Jamaicans have a wonderful spirit that everyone should have: everything is going to be alright! I tell Shermika this all the time so this resonates with me much.

We both LOVE fresh flowers & personalized letters so this was a PLUS!
We adored our little ocean-front room! It was nice and cozy.

The first night was beautiful and then it started to rain. After the rain it was more beautiful. Did we tell you that we had chilled champagne waiting on us in our room? It was so relaxing to sit down, sip on our libations and watch the sunset. The pic below is of a few gentleman playing soccer in the rain. We enjoyed seeing them have fun.

Our room was HUGE with a nice flat screen TV where we watched local Jamaican networks while we were starting off or ending our days!  We even had a sofa. The marble shower (the shower head is in the ceiling!!) was large. The beautiful tub had water jets in it and you better believe that Shermika and I used it every night. The sis and I just enjoy things like this. It makes your hotel stand out, you know. Also inside our room we had a table with chairs and well as outside of the patio. Every morning we went out and chatted while we watch the day get started.

Show-offs! 🙂
Even enjoyed watching the clouds!
Look at how beautiful the sky was after the rain!

On day 4, I had a wonderful Swedish massage at Secrets’ spa, which was absolutely divine! My, how quickly does 60 minutes fly. The spa was relaxing and beautiful to say the least. My tired and achy muscles were soothed by the strong hands of my Jamaican masseuse. I was so relaxed when I got up that it was pitiful. I couldn’t wait to wake Tamika to tell her all about it.  😉

Jamaican massage here I come!!

SSJ has the cutest in-room box for you room service to be delivered. If you are in the tub/don’t feel like answering the door when they ring your door bell, yes door bell, then you can have them to put it inside your secret box. Nice, huh! A belle was truly spoiled!

There are several resorts all over the island, but of the many we saw, Secrets is the best! This resort makes it very hard for guests to want to leave, but the ArtBelles are adventurous, so we had to see the REAL JAMAICA.

We did what we normally do when out of the country: booked a local tour guide, Alrick Allen of Your Jamaican Tour Guide. Needless to say we were very pleased. Our first tour was to see the home of Bob Marley. Can’t wait to share more with y’all! Click on the first photo below and check out our gallery of a few MORE photos! Stay tuned for additional pictures of the resort and around the island in post pt. 2 NEXT week.


The ArtBelles are two sisters (not twins) born and raised in Birmingham, AL that enjoy traveling around the globe and finding new things…all while bickering ’til the sun comes up. These sisters share the cutest doggie on the planet and are always looking for their next adventure. Want to know what the best part is? They are willing to share it with you! The ArtBelles love quick jaunts, good reads, stellar food, and all things indie. ArtBLT’s goal is to create a deep seated love and appreciation for art and the artists that help make the world a happier place.

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  1. Traveling is so wonderful. It just opens your eyes to seeing things beyond your small space. I think everyone should travel. That is something I try to instill in my children. They have the advantage over others knowing there is so much to get out and see so, do not get caught up in things that will keep them from enjoying it.

    Anyway . . .

    Looks like you two were definitely living it up in Jamaica. But, you are right as lovely as the resort is the best thing to do is see the real Jamaica. And I can't wait to read about the fun. So, I should read in the next post how you girls got to whine the night away with those showoffs. . . haha

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