Wrap It Up & Party!

ArtBLT’ers we hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was fun, but a little hectic to say the least.  Mom came over on Saturday and wanted to shop so we had to oblige. Let me just say that 12 hours later a belle was floating to the nearest bed… any bed. My pedometer clocked over 10 miles of walking, but I still don’t think we’ve broken our record for the most steps in a single day.

Every year the sis and I throw a wrapping party (nothing fancy): divine small bites of food/dessert and plenty of boxes to wrap! It’s a tradition that we started over 10 years ago and it’s something that we do together that we always enjoy. With our Christmas flirty aprons (that’s what they are called, silly) we cooked a wonderful Sunday small bites dinner.

We DON'T have children other than our four-legged baby. DJ is our oldest sister's child.

We pick a day that is at least 2 weeks before Christmas and we plan a menu and pull out the wrapping paper from our storage outside. The theme for our food this year was inspired by the fab Williamson Brother’s BBQ sauces that we subsequently used in 3 items on our menu. Initially, we planned to have the party on Saturday, but as you can imagine that wasn’t going to happen.

DJ is taking a break--he LOVES to take photos!

Yesterday we had our party and had a few guests over including our 7 year old nephew, DJ, that is a chef-in-training. I swear, there’s nothing more darling than a young child that is eager to learn and who wants to know more about cooking/life. He helped with all the food and even made the homemade cookies with Shermika. When he tried the BBQ sauces, he said, “oooh weee this is good, auntie!” Everyone knows that kid’s don’t lie and I must admit that this sauce is divine. If you haven’t tried their food/sauces–you should!

We cannot wait to try the other 3 flavors! We added the sauces to our eggs, kabobs and meatballs!

We were introduced to Williamson Bros. (WB) back during the Taste of Atlanta (TOA) and let me just say that a belle is a fan for life. They are as sweet as their many sauces and are fab for sending us a case to try. I tried the food at the TOA and LOVED it, but didn’t know that they had so many sauce flavors. We’ll chat more about this later because we have a few recipes/ideas to share with you using the sauces.

Okay, y’all we had: chicken kabobs and meatballs, both with the WB Original and Roasted Garlic sauces, chocolate chip cookies, spinach dip, deviled eggs (with the WB Original sauce added), and a pineapple fruit punch libation that would make you shimmy if you took one sip. Our meal was topped off with ice-cream that’s made from our grandmother’s secret recipe.

You already know that everything except the meatballs were homemade. Who wants to spend all day rolling meat balls when you can buy them? After eating, we wrapped our little hearts out! We lit the tree, watched SpongeBob and had the perfect ending to a wonderful evening. Do you have any holiday traditions? We’d love to hear!

To thicken this thin sauce so that it would stick to the meatballs, I added 2 Tbsp of flour before bringing it to the stove-top. Next was the crock-pot!

He's a pro at adding the sauce to the Kabobs.

The Williamson Bros. Sauce made these meatballs!!!

Shimmy Punch!


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