Our Secret in Jamaica (Part 2 of 2) Tour #1: Captain Crazy & Fun!!

Weird pic on the side of the road, right?! That’s what we do–take photos with the FUN locals! :0)

Tour 1 of 2: The Real Jamaica, mon!

As stated earlier, we like to see the REAL JAMAICA. We booked a tour with Alrick Allen of Your Jamaican Tour Guide and cruised to the mountains to see Bob Marley’s birth home.

Our view climbing up the mountains!

You can hear Captain Crazy’s laugh at 0:17 below.

Alrick was an amazing tour guide and stopped us on the side of the road to get fruit before our tour. We bought some of the smallest/freshest pineapples. The nice man even cut and bagged our fruit which was a plus! I joked with the farmer about how small his knife was, but how sharp it was. Shermika couldn’t believe how fast he sliced the pineapple. To think about it, I don’t think we’ve ever seen pineapples so small!

Alrick gave us lots of Jamaican history–such as their independence and war history. Not only is it fun for us to do what the locals do, but we enjoy learning history about the places we travel too. It’s not only exciting to see, smell and taste the places we visit, but it’s even better to learn something you didn’t know before.

Alrick is Mr. Funny! He kept us laughing the whole way up & down the mountain. Great guy!!

The community we came through to get to the top of the mountain is called Saint Ann. The sis and I saw just as many goats as we did people. The higher you climb the mountain the more remote it is. We can’t describe how fascinating/beautiful this drive is… it’s breathtaking. When we arrived to Nine Mile it was a joy.  A lot of guys were offering drugs for sale, which was kind of funny. A belle couldn’t believe they weren’t discreet at all. They didn’t seem to mind us filming or taking pictures of them either.

Can we say “not in the open!” LOL!

We’re big Bob Marley fans–so to see the rock where he meditated and the home he grew up in was amazing! The 2.5 hour ride was well worth the trip alone. The view is simply spectacular!

Shermika & Captian Crazy sharing a laugh while lying in Bob Marley’s smoking chair! His laugh will make YOU laugh.

Our tour guide was Captain Crazy and we learned lots about Bob’s life. We got a great perspective on his music. Unbeknownst to some, Bob Marley is more than ganja and dreadlocks. This wasn’t your average run of the mill tour by a less than enthusiastic guide (we haven’t had a tour guide that wasn’t fun/happy and don’t want one!). We were allowed to experience HISTORY.

These beautiful little girls sang for us while playing in the trees. It doesn’t look like much height in the pic, but they were high up in the trees!

With bare feet–literally, we saw Bob Marley’s tomb, as well as that of his mother and brother. Going to Nine Mile was a spiritual experience of sorts. If you’re in Jamaica, brave the 2.5 hour drive and GO! Being at such a high altitude and seeing the hills is a treat in and of itself.

Bob’s old room!
Tamika loved not having to wear shoes…If you KNOW her then you know!
There was beautiful music playing behind us!

We got to sit and take in the view, chat with Captain Crazy, and talk more about the island. After this tour we headed back down the mountain (another 2.5 hours) and went and ate at a local spot: Ultimate Jerk Centre & Rest stop.

I had curry chicken and Shermika had curry goat. Our food was fab, but our tour was even better.

Tamika’s curry chicken meal!
Shermika’s curry goat!
Absolutely DIVINE!!!
A small bird looking for food!

After a long day we stopped to play with some locals who had a real blue crab that I thought was fake. Why they had it? We don’t know. What they were going to do with it? We didn’t care. We had a ball chatting with them! Thinking about this makes me laugh all over. Next Shermika and I went to the Hip Strip-a touristy street with overpriced goods to walk/explore. Lastly, we went to the resort and had a wonderful time.

Shermika trying a berry indigenous to Jamaica… it was very bitter, but we enjoyed trying!
Check out the view of the ocean–Beautiful!!

Later on that night we went to dance with locals and other guests at the resort’s Caribbean party. We all danced for at least 2 hours–fun, fun, FUN! Stay tuned for our next post of the REAL JAMAICA/tour #2 soon.


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