Shimmy & Shake Your Groove Thang

Y’all know a belle was talking about the Alabama Dance Festival a while ago? Well, we got to see two performances at the Wright Center at Samford University.

Brazz performed on Friday and EVIDENCE was on Saturday. Brazz fused Afro-Brazilian dance and intertwined it with hip hop at the end.

Augusto Soledade, the choreographer, explained that Brazilians are often very marginalized, which correlates to Hip Hop. “Cordel” was performed, which illustrated the marginalization through video and dance. Interestingly, the group fused dance, spoken word and hip hop dance for a nice finale.

Tamika and I enjoyed Brazz, but they got off to a slow start. We preferred the second half of the show to the first half.

On Saturday, we saw EVIDENCE. This dance group  performed African dance alongside music by Aretha Franklin, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, and African artists. We really enjoyed the music and the choreography was creative.

The dances were filled with energy and quite emotional at times. Dancers shook their bodies as if overcome by something. One dance even infused the story of Harriet Jacobs, a slave girl. It was both powerful and brilliant, although at times I found it hard to follow. I commend the group for their ingenuity and passion, which was evident in their performance. Trust a belle when she says the audience was pleased.

We urge you ArtBLT’ers to go out and get your shimmy shimmy shake shake on! Hope to see you at the next dance event.

Alabama Dance Festival Brings It!

EVIDENCE Dance Company

Y’all know a belle loves to shimmy and shake. Well, the Alabama Dance Festival will allow us to do just that as they celebrate being “Fifteen and Fabulous.” The festival will also present “Dance Across Birmingham,” now in its fifth year. On Saturday, January 21st all you local ArtBLT’ers can go down to the BJCC and get your groove on for the recession-proof price of FREE. Now, that makes a belle squeal! Tap, hip hop, latin, jazz, and many more styles of dance will be offered. If you want more info, saunter on over here.

A belle will also be able to watch some great performances. One of our favorite venues, Wright Fine Arts Center, is hosting not one but two stellar dance companies: EVIDENCE & Brazz as a part of the festival. Tickets range from $20-$45.

Stay tuned for our take on the two shows. We are looking forward to seeing some Afro-Brazilian and African dance and hope to see you there! Tamika and I are going to have a shaking good time.

Our small part in honoring Dr. King!

Hands on Birmingham & Habitat for Humanity Volunteers during MLK Day 2012 Day of Service.

Hey there, everyone. We hope each of you had a beautiful and restful weekend! If you read our tweets over the weekend you probably already know that a belle did her annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service volunteer project. If you know us personally, then you know that we volunteer a lot. Not because we have to, but because we are truly blessed and want to give our time all around our wonderful city.

HOB volunteers moving siding/wood for the builders!

One of the many fab organiztions that we volunteer with is Hands on Birmingham (HOB). We have been with HOB since 2005 and love that a belle can choose where and when she volunteers. They have many flexible options and if you live in B’ham you already know! Shermika is even a member of their Junior Board. Read More

Nine West and Frugal Fashion

Now y’all know that a belle loves some shoes…especially some heels. And since I am very frugal, I love to find shoes at rock bottom prices. Nine West is one of my favorite shoe stores. Now Nine West Outlet is on my radar (Shops at Grand River in Leeds, AL)! Their prices make a belle squeal and their selection is always plentiful. I went there a few weeks ago and RACKED UP! I found these cute oxford heels and bought them in cognac and black.

These babies are called: Babycakeo! I won’t tell you how many pairs I bought because I normally don’t tell anyone other than Tamika. I will tell you that I also made a contribution to St. Jude when I made this purchase. By giving to a great organization I somehow didn’t feel that guilty for walking out of the store with 4 bags of shoes.

With coupons, these cuties cost around $36 and were selling for $60. The sis will tell you I’m a deal hound so I was excited to get them for the price. The heel is probably around 2.5-3 inches and the shoes lace up, which adds a sophisticated look. They are perfect for the office or when you’re going out for fun. I paired them with slacks, a fitted jacket and a black lace top. Have a gander below.

What are your favorite brands to purchase?

New Year, New Scents

My baby loved MJB's perfume!

Happy Friday everyone! This is our first post in 2012!!! We have been relaxing and enjoying the season/new year so I am sorry we haven’t posted in a while. Our Christmas was perfect: we spent it with the ones we truly love and cherish. Surprisingly, we didn’t cook. Mainly because we are always on the go and we just wanted to sit in front of the TV, eat homemade pot pies and be merry! Mom came over and she did the same thing. We all were in pure LMN/ “Criminal Minds” heaven with our unlimited marathons.

Christmas dinner: Pot Pies made with our pie maker!

Santa was good to us and the highlight of my gifts was my Plush Creations that I purchased myself (we’ll chat more about that soon) and my NEW Lancome makeup brushes.

A belle was elated to see that Santa Shermika bought me new brushes. I did my happy dance, but I was even more excited to just spend time with my family. One gift that the sis received (from herself of course) was a new scent that we fell in love with. We have purchased a few excellent and ok perfumes. My sister bought the excellent scent after we purchased a few of Carol Daughter’s/MJB scent: My Life Blossom. I will fill you in on that scent soon.

Have you tried this My Life scent? We saw it on HSN and bought a few for gifts, but didn’t care for it after wearing for several days. I love Carol’s Daughter, but this scent just isn’t for me. To me, it’s too floral and it doesn’t last. After about an hour the scent wasn’t there. It doesn’t smell horrible, but it just isn’t for me.

I like to smell like a flower without smelling like a flower if you know what I mean. My dog seemed to love it and my mom adores it and I think mainly because it’s backed by MJB. She LOVES Mary. I love Mary and Carol’s Daughter, but I can’t  get down with this  scent. The bottle/packaging is beautiful, but that just isn’t enough for this belle. BTW Mary’s new CD is bangin’!! Go get it/download if you haven’t already!! Tried any new scents in the new year? If so, what? Did you enjoy your holidays?

Love this bottle... Mary's name is on the top of the perfume cap!
Carol's Daughter Sea Salt Scrub gifts for friends!
One of my many BEAUTIFUL Plush Creations (This was my gift to myself)!
We made treats for friends!!
He loved all of his Christmas gifts!
We also made goodie bags for other friends!