Our small part in honoring Dr. King!

Hands on Birmingham & Habitat for Humanity Volunteers during MLK Day 2012 Day of Service.

Hey there, everyone. We hope each of you had a beautiful and restful weekend! If you read our tweets over the weekend you probably already know that a belle did her annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service volunteer project. If you know us personally, then you know that we volunteer a lot. Not because we have to, but because we are truly blessed and want to give our time all around our wonderful city.

HOB volunteers moving siding/wood for the builders!

One of the many fab organiztions that we volunteer with is Hands on Birmingham (HOB). We have been with HOB since 2005 and love that a belle can choose where and when she volunteers. They have many flexible options and if you live in B’ham you already know! Shermika is even a member of their Junior Board.

There were volunteers of all ages, backgrounds, and genders!

Every year during Dr. King’s b’day weekend, we pick a service project in honor of his service to the world. A belle has done everything from helping build homes, to working with kids with a parent(s) in prison, to cleaning/organizing our local Ronald McDonald house.

The sis and I were the project coordinators at this event and loved meeting some of the people that we were helping. The area we were helping in is Pratt City and they were devastated by multiple tornadoes last April.

We volunteered immediately after the tornadoes and I didn’t want to look at the devastation then. But, for this project our site was literally in an area where the tornadoes came through. To see houses left with just foundations and apartments ripped apart is just heartbreaking. To see houses being rebuilt and plenty of volunteers is just heartwarming.

VERY nice and uplifting volunteers!

I even chatted with two of three sisters above and one of them, Gloria told me how she was home when the tornadoes touched down. She expressed to me how blessed she was and how many people didn’t make it, but how she did. The other sister also had a beautiful spirit, she had a smile that makes you smile. They had been through so much, yet were out helping others. Just listening to them gave me even more of a sense of appreciation for everyone out to help.

I will leave you with this letter Dr. King wrote in a Birmingham city jail (my historic city). I hope you will read it and reflect on all that we’ve been through and how far we still have to go. I also hope that you will take time in your own community, if you don’t already do so, and give back. If not for Dr. King, but for yourself.

How are you honoring Dr. King’s Legacy today? If you’re at a loss, check out this list of events going on locally from our friends at Magic City Post.


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3 thoughts to “Our small part in honoring Dr. King!”

  1. How wonderful. Truly two very beautiful women.

    It is really sad that those people have lost their home. I can not, nor do I want to, imagine that devastation that they felt on seeing everything gone.

    It is really a testament to see people affected, bouncing back, and assisting others.

    I really need to volunteer more, I know that I can fit it into my schedule.

  2. wow its really amazing when you get to interact with people who have been through so much. Makes you thankful for even the smallest of things. You guys are amazing for the contribution you've made on such an important day!

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