Hill Harper Visits Birmingham: Are You an Active Architect of Your Life?

Hill Harper speaks at the Alys Stephens Center at UAB!
Last night a belle attended a book signing and lecture by Hill Harper at the Alys Stephens Center. The night was filled with inspiration, hope, questions, and wisdom. We almost didn’t go because we have been running all over the place as usual. Because we were invited to a private reception prior to the lecture/signing, I felt we should have been there. Y’all would not believe how happy I am that we attended. Harper is not only a Harvard graduate with a degree in law, but he’s an accomplished writer, actor, and person who gives back. This lecture was the perfect end to Black History Month and the beginning to a lot of questions that we should ask ourselves. Read More

Weekend Groove

It’s Friday, sweet friends! Oh how happy a belle is that the glorious weekend is here. Okay, I may be a little bit dramatic, but y’all don’t know how happy I am when old man Friday rolls around. We started the weekend off with a bang thanks to the sis’s bargain-hunting skills. I have to tell you about this movie we saw at the Rave last night: 23 Jump Street.

The Rave theater is something to rave about. We adore the plush seats that recline and the wonderful service from the staff at both the Vestavia and Hoover locations. When you’re in our neck of the woods go and check out a film there.

I digress…. back to the film…

23 Jump Street has a fab cast that includes Jonah Hill, Ice Cube and Channing Tatum. There are a couple of surprises at the end that I won’t spoil. This movie is riddled with expletives and a belle loved every second. To say the least, it was hilarious. And if you didn’t know (we didn’t), the movie is actually a remake of a TV series that aired in the ’80’s-’90’s. Though a belle is an 80’s baby I don’t recall this show.

Anyhow, here’s the movie trailer (not safe at work for you hardly working peeps). If you love comedy, then go check it out when it’s released on 3.16.12. We are some of the lucky ones that got an invite to view the movie before it hits the big screens. The sis and I get invited to see a lot of gratis films before the masses gets to see them. Check out this site to sign up for your next free movie screening(s). Enjoy!!!

Now, it’s Friday, so, let’s jam to one of the best old school ’90’s songs! *whispers* Press play on the video below and let’s dance!

Have a fab weekend because we will!!!

Local Eats & Treats: Sweet Tea Restaurant

Mom came along and she had a veggie plate with dessert: macaroni & cheese, dressing, greens, & apple cobbler!

If I asked you what your favorite type of food is what would you say? My #1 favorite is southern food and a belle knows this will never change. Sure, Chinese, Italian and other ethnic foods are divine, but there is nothing like southern grub! There is so much to love about southern food–especially the taste and comfort that it gives.

The menu board at Sweet Tea. What a green idea!

Our new spot to eat at is Sweet Tea Restaurant and let me tell you, they are worth trying out. We have tried many meat and three restaurants all around Birmingham and this restaurant is the best. If you want a fresh home-cooked meal then Sweet Tea’s is the place to go. Go on and take a look at what the sis and I had! Read More

Closet Make-Over: Huggable Joy

Who knew hangers could be so cute & exceptionally functional?!

How are you doin’ friends? Can you all believe that Monday is here already? It seems like I went to sleep on Friday and woke up on Monday. I can’t complain, but I always wish that the weekend is longer.

The sis and I have been doing a little pre-spring cleaning over the last couple of months and we had to tell you about these hangers. Many of you probably have heard about them, but if you haven’t, you have to try them for yourself!

If you want more space, and more organization, then this is the item for you. Wait until you see my photos–I am never buying another plastic or wooden suit/shirt hanger AGAIN! Read More