Jeanine De Bique Tears up the ASC!

A belle just loves the Alys Stephens Center (ASC)! If we could camp out there, we would! They always offer the best programs in a world class venue. We saw a WONDERFUL soprano singer by the name of Jeanine De Bique last night at the ASC as a part of their Young Concert Artist Series. Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, De Bique took the audience on a musical journey that was magical.

For you fashion folks, De Bique opened the show in a beautiful strapless white gown and black kitten heels. The pianist, Rebecca Mordo, wore a cute fitted black dress with black peep toe heels. Their fashion game was ArtBelle approved. De Bique’s sweet soprano filled the room while Mordo’s tunes help magnify the stories that were being told through song.

The music was whimsical at times, often transporting a belle off to a fun place. De Bique performed selections from Mozart and ignited the night with her stellar voice. Just listening to her sing an aria was enchanting–even if we couldn’t understand the words! You could feel/see the emotion in her hands, shoulders and face.

After the intermission, De Bique changed into a beautiful purple gown and sang French celebratory songs that were sung at folk weddings. She said they are called revel songs. De Bique performed some songs in English, while singing in a high register. Her voice floated around the room, y’all! She sang the iconic “Motherless Child” and the African American spiritual “Let’s Break Bread Together.” The latter song was fitting since we’re in Black History Month.

De Bique’s voice evokes deep emotions that sent shudders up and down my spine. De Bique told the audience she and Mordo were only able to rehearse for 2 days and had just gotten back from Vienna 3 days ago. Talk about professionals! For a 2 day rehearsal, De Bique was phenomenal, and so were Mordo’s piano skills.

Stop by the ASC to see what great shows they have coming up. Support the Arts!

After the show, we got a chance to chat with De Bique. She told Tamika and me that she’s been singing opera for over 16 years and she’s always been in some type of choir. De Bique revealed that she calls Austria home for now and her next performance is in New York. She also admitted that she loved my hair!! If you ever get the chance, you do NOT want to miss out on this amazing artist!

We even got to see the beautiful and hip Patty McDonald, who supports a lot of art events in town! If you haven’t shimmied on down to the ASC, then what are you waiting on? Click here for their upcoming performances. Check out De Bique below and tell us what you think!


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