Birmingham Fashion Week 2012 Pt. 1: Our Top 5 Looks!

by SMITH Collection at BFW 2012!

*** All photos were taken at Birmingham Fashion Week 2012 by ArtBLT. As usual, please don’t remove/use any pictures without our written permission. ***

Hey friends!! Did you enjoy your weekend? Hopefully you did because ours was FAB!! The only thing I hate is that it was over too soon. Shermika and I attended Birmingham Fashion Week (BFW) 2012 and let me just say that if you didn’t come, don’t fret because we’ll break everything down for you over the course of this week. Today we are starting with Friday’s show!

There’s so much to see and we want to share it with you. Many of you have already emailed us about the event and we have plenty of photos for you to see. We can’t show them all, but will do our best to show you a lot. You can thank us by being nice to your neighbor. You are about to see our top 5 looks from each designer (featured/headlining). Ready for the fashion goodness? *cues the music* Let’s go! First up (in no particular order), is by SMITH.

After the show we took a quick photo with one of our media friends! Shermika (L) Natalie (M) Tamika (R)


If you follow a belle on twitter then you already know that the clothes were fierce and BFW was a treat. The sis and I made it to the kick-off party, but couldn’t make the very first night and last night on Saturday. I didn’t feel well and Shermika is still wrestling with a very bad cold. Trust me, if we could we would have. We didn’t want to miss any of the show.

On Friday, Prophetik was the headlining designer proceeded by up and coming designers that were junior high age/post-graduates. Local Birmingham boutiques such as Theodora and Stella Blu exhibited their clothing (we’ll share them later this week). Featured designers included iota and by SMITH. All of the designers brought it and so did the local boutiques. The clothes were all so different, but were fun/fashionable.

by SMITH: Smith Sinrod, is the designer of this newly launched collection (Spring 2010). She’s known for her use of Thai Silk and patterns. We loved her shorts, the bold colors/shapes/patterns, as well as the femininity of the clothes. All of the models looked chic and the clothes were fitted to a T! Their hair/make up was beautiful and so were the accessories. The sis and I really loved that all of the models wore nude shoes which made their legs look longer and worked well with all of the designs that were displayed. We enjoyed every piece of this collection.

This dress is perfect for the spring. It's flirty, yet gorgeous!

I adore a 3/4 sleeve. The shorts take this look to another level. LOVE it!

Sassy, but classy! The colors are FAB!

I adore the shapes at the neck of this dress. The color is beautiful!

by SMITH's last run! So many great looks!!!

So, what did you think? Liked it or loved it? Y’all already know that we choose the latter! :)

Next up is our headlining designer Jeff Garner.


Okay, everyone this was a beautiful collection that honestly was in a league of its own. I may be a little biased not because we got a chance to sit down and interview him, but because he’s a southern boy. You can’t help but to love/appreciate Garner’s collection because you can feel his warmth and character. His segment opened with dim lights and a video of him talking about sustainability and how he makes his clothes. There was even a clip of him riding a horse which was too cool for school.

Garner's collection was a show within a show!!!

After the video was done, there was a fencing fight on the stage. Yes, you read right! Then there were these casually-dressed, fierce-haired ballerinas that danced to beautiful music. Garner is known in the fashion world for these types of additions to his shows. We loved every second.

There were about 3 ballerinas (I think)... LOVED their performance!!

Can we say fierce new-school southern belle!

I love how this dress expands at the bottom... had to show you!

This design is adorable. The colors are too lovely and so is her hair!

Still can't believe that he has his own farm where he makes dyes. This green is stunning. The skirt is even better!

The color/flow of this dress was breathtaking!

LOVED this look from head to toe. Especially the boots!

Prophetik's last run! Check out some of the other looks.


Last, but not least is iota! We especially enjoyed the versatility of these designs. You could dress them up or down. LOVED them.

iota: Machteld Schrameijer is the designer and has been in the fashion business since the ’80’s.  She’s worked closely with many fashion power houses such as Chanel! This couture collection includes beautiful coats and capes. They vary in color and design and are sustainable with faux fur.

Casual chic! Love it!!!

Don't you just love this color?!

I adore the short coats! This one is very pretty!!!

This white is crisp and warm looking. Very nice!!!

I really loved this coat. This lovely pattern is going down the back of the coat as well!

iota's last run!

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Whew! That’s it for today, but we have much more to share. If you are getting married soon/in the future, we have a lot of gorgeous things to show you from BFW’s 1st ever bridal portion. Check back tomorrow (after 9am… on second thought after 12pm) for more BFW goodness! Before I forget to ask, which collection do you like best if any?