You Betta Work it: Birmingham Fashion Week Pt. 3

Every show at BFW was packed!

*** All photos were taken at Birmingham Fashion Week 2012 by ArtBLT.  As noted previously, please don’t use/remove any of our pictures without written permission for us. ***

We are still over here raving about Birmingham Fashion Week. The Magic City was on fire!! I don’t know if we mentioned this to you, but the best part of BFW, besides the fashion, is that all of the proceeds from the shows went to local charities: Camp Smile-a-Mile and Alabama Forever. That’s why we love this city– we all are so warm and helpful.

Y’all these fashion shows are some of the best events to hit the city in a long time. We miss City Stages (music festival), but BFW makes up for it. In addition to donating all proceeds to charity, BFW gave up and coming designers a chance to show their work to the masses.

Rising designers as young as 12 years old showcased fashion designs that were made using glue, staples or tape… no SEWING! You can check them out at the end of this post. A belle was amazed at the talent and creativity the designers showed. One of our favorite looks was a dress made of bandages and clamps. Another was a dress made of playing cards. Talk about unique!

The emerging designers were mostly post-graduate students, and had some great looks that a belle would buy now! Many of the looks focused on nudes, bows and classic looks. Some of the designers focused on chic looks, while others were totally sexy. It was very fun to see all of the different styles. We just posted our two fave looks per collections. Take a look (they are in no particular order)…

Collection #1











Now, below are the fab kid designers we were telling you about. There were about 20 young (male/female) designers that showcased their beautiful work, but these are our favs. These designs were made out of everything from moss and twigs to duck tape and garbage bags to tinsel and magazines.

Here is the Rising Design Star Competition from Friday’s show. Check out the detail in these pieces!

This dress was made our of chewing gum wrappers!
TOO awesome. Check out the detail....WOW!
Who knew that bandages could look this good?
Fiercely done!
No playing poker with these cards! LOVE it!
The top of this dress is made out of duct tape!
This one is made out of paper!
Don't you just adore this bow?!
These brushes/paint tubes look so cute!
We loved the colors!

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Mid next week will be our last day posting on BFW 2012. We will show y’all the local boutiques and Men’s wedding wear! See ya then. This is our last post–been so busy. If you want to still see what we didn’t show email us.  🙂


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