Closet Make-Over: Huggable Joy

Who knew hangers could be so cute & exceptionally functional?!

How are you doin’ friends? Can you all believe that Monday is here already? It seems like I went to sleep on Friday and woke up on Monday. I can’t complain, but I always wish that the weekend is longer.

The sis and I have been doing a little pre-spring cleaning over the last couple of months and we had to tell you about these hangers. Many of you probably have heard about them, but if you haven’t, you have to try them for yourself!

If you want more space, and more organization, then this is the item for you. Wait until you see my photos–I am never buying another plastic or wooden suit/shirt hanger AGAIN!

Before Pic: This is my Sardine can prior to its transformation!

Just so you know, although our apartment is a little over 1000+ sq. ft., my closet (I call it the Sardine can), is tiny and I received the short end of the stick.  I am not lying! When we moved in our apartment many years ago we flipped a coin and Shermika got the master room, thus receiving the larger lovely closet.

Y’all ladies know that our closet is where the party is. They hold all of our fab threads and in my case all of my fab bags/accessories! I live for bags–especially Coach! Now, I also live for these Huggable Hangers by Joy Mangano. These hangers are cute, light and strong at the same time. They save space because they are thinner than your average hanger. Also, your clothes will not fall off of them like other hangers. Trust–I have tested them. They hold up to their claim, which makes me very happy.

HSN is a belle’s best friend for any and everything!!! They are great about returns and have wonderful products. When we bought these hangers we were skeptical, but after reading a lot of reviews we decided to give them a whirl. Take a look at my after pic and tell me what you think. Have you tried these hangers or some like them? They are with a capital B!

After Pic: See all of the extra space I have now?!

The hardest part of this make-over was removing everything from the closet to replace the old hangers with the new Huggable Hangers. Not only did the new hangers create space, but the colors that they come in are so fun. We have the suit and shirt hangers, the Double Cascading Hooks and door organizers.

These hooks are fab. You just slide them over your Huggable Hanger to hang multiple pieces of clothing. For example, you can use these hooks to arrange outfits in your closet. Because they cascade down you save even more space. Though we have 4 different colors of these hangers, they do come in over 2 dozen other fab, fun colors. Love it!!


Tamika is a communications guru/self-proclaimed body language expert and lives for big purses and cute shades. She speaks darn good Spanish, loves gadgets, pasta, makeup, crocheting, and is learning to walk in heels with the help of Shermika.

4 thoughts to “Closet Make-Over: Huggable Joy”

  1. Great minds we think alike. I too recently switched over to the skinny hangers. I was watching TV and this organizer commented on how cheap plastic hangers not only are but look . .. let me tell you I was so embarrassed and I was alone in my room. And the fact, that I had some really nice clothing on cheap hangers was even more embarrassing.

    Not only does my closet look beautiful; my clothes look even better. As I was going through my closet, I decided to do the "keep, donate, throw away" piles. So, I am already a step ahead of the spring cleaning.

    Oh, I still kept 25 plastic hangers and 2 wire hangers because you never know what I may need them for.

    1. Girl, that Tamika made me throw out ALL my plastic hangers! I managed to keep a few to hang my tote bags on. The skinny hangers are the new IT thing. They make your closet look sooo much better. And, they're relatively inexpensive, which is ALWAYS a good thing. I'm happy now that I stepped my closet game up with the help of Tamika. Carol, I think I need 2 more packs LOL.

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