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Hope y’all had a fab weekend because me and my other half surely did! In addition to seeing Al Jarreau‘s amazing performance at the Alys on Friday, Tamika and I were on Fox 6 News Saturday morning discussing how to throw a great Oscars party by keeping it simple without breaking the bank. To say we had a ball is an understatement!

The ArtBelles with Karen Church!

We interviewed with Karen Church and she was a doll. For our non local readers, she’s the weekend anchor for Fox 6 and Tamika and I always talk about her style. It’s hip, yet still appropriate for television. Fox 6 is the place for news, always is and always will be!

Y’all wouldn’t believe how late we stayed up on Friday preparing all of our goodies that would be shown on TV in the a.m. We were giddy with excitement since Alabama is put on the map with Octavia Spencer’s nomination for Best Supporting Actress from The Help and The Barber of Birmingham being nominated for the Oscars. Gooo Alabama!

As you already know, we like to keep things simple, chic and inexpensive. I’m a frugal belle, so I love the challenge of throwing a party using a minimal budget. We came up with a simple menu and stuck to the color theme of the Oscars: Black/Gold. Tamika added the white platters for a pop of color.

While watching the Oscars last night, we munched on our little bites!

Small plates are easy to serve at parties, and they typically don’t break the bank. Tamika and I came up with the following menu for a great southern Oscars party:

  • Sausage Lollipops (sausages wrapped in crescent dough) we had garlic bbq sauce to dip them in
  • Mini chicken bbq pizzas (we used Williamson Bros. garlic bbq sauce, cheese, herbs and spinach)
  • Cream cheese/feta cheese bruschetta with basil (it adds the perfect pop of color)
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes (our nod to Octavia Spencer’s nomination for The Help)
  • Shimmy shimmy shake shake punch–it will make you shimmy and shake! (fresh strawberry lemonade with ginger ale)
  • Spicy Popcorn (mixed with chili seasoning and cayenne pepper)
We decided to stick with a protein (chicken) and use that as our lead. Our other dishes formed the supporting cast. We belles like to take a classic recipe and make it our own. With the bruschetta, I added cream cheese, feta cheese, olive oil and red wine vinegar to the mix to give it a great taste. In addition to topping it with the customary tomatoes, I added jalapenos for a kick. Talk about good eating!
Of course, a belle can’t forget that party favors make your guests feel truly special. We wrapped some gold hershey candy in mini treat bags and covered them with 1/4 a sheet of leopard printed napkins (pictured above) for a little pop. We didn’t want the cheesy star napkins, so we stuck with the Oscars colors and chose a fun leopard print. Y’all know a belle likes things over the top!
We took pics after our segment! Fox 6 has one of the best views of the B'ham.
We had so much fun. It was the perfect day outside!
For those of you that sent text messages, watched, emailed, called, Tweeted and Facebooked us THANK YOU! It means a lot to know that you all enjoy our little ole’ blog and that you continue to support us! Check out our pics below and let us know your thoughts.
Fresh flowers are always best--they add personality to your party. You don't have to spend a lot. These were less than $10 for a dozen.
Tamika unfolded and cut the napkins into 4 squares and used that to accent the mini swag bags. This is the most inexpensive way to add a little jazz to any clear bag!
These cute boxes were inexpensive at $3 for a 10-count. We chose these because they have the black/gold writing on the fun/traditional popcorn holders!
Did you watch the Oscars last night? If so, what was your fave moment?
*Special thanks to Fox 6 and their wonderful staff!*


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  1. I remarked to @chandatemple during the Oscar's that I was looking forward to what you guys would be preparing to nosh on during an Oscar's viewing party and then BAM!

    Everything looks great and congrats to Fox 6 for recognizing your talents.

    My mouth is watering!

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