Hill Harper Visits Birmingham: Are You an Active Architect of Your Life?

Hill Harper speaks at the Alys Stephens Center at UAB!
Last night a belle attended a book signing and lecture by Hill Harper at the Alys Stephens Center. The night was filled with inspiration, hope, questions, and wisdom. We almost didn’t go because we have been running all over the place as usual. Because we were invited to a private reception prior to the lecture/signing, I felt we should have been there. Y’all would not believe how happy I am that we attended. Harper is not only a Harvard graduate with a degree in law, but he’s an accomplished writer, actor, and person who gives back. This lecture was the perfect end to Black History Month and the beginning to a lot of questions that we should ask ourselves.
Private Reception: B'ham News reporter Chanda Temple with the ArtBelles!
The reception was catered by The Yellow Bicycle and for you non local friends, it’s basically a Mediterranean catering company here in B’ham. Guests ate everything from tasty flaky Spanakopita, a variety of fresh cheeses and fruits, mini crab cakes, beautiful mini decadent tarts and more. Towards the end of the reception, Harper greeted guests and signed a few copies of books. Y’all know I would have taken pictures, but we weren’t allowed to.
Do you see all of the empty seats behind the podium? Well, they all were taken by the time Harper spoke! We've been to a lot of events/shows at ASC, but never saw this before. Amazing!!

The lecture opened up with two simple question from Harper: Do you think that the Civil Rights Movement had a profound effect on the U.S.? and Do you want to lead a life of impact?

The audience, including myself, was in agreement with both questions. I try to do everything I can to live a life of impact. Shermika and I are very involved/intelligent women that had wisdom given to us at a very young age. The sis and I are forever grateful that we have a mother that didn’t sugar coat any aspect of life to us. Sometimes we even thought that she was being too real. For this reason alone we are strong women.

Many points that Harper brought up were wonderful. As he put it, we should all create the life we want. Like an architect designs buildings, we should do this with our own lives, but with a few simple tools: a blueprint, foundation, frame, and a door, YES a door. I’ll elaborate in detail for you.

Here’s what Harper highlighted:

1. Blueprint— You have to write down what you want to do/accomplish and make it happen. From experience, you can’t walk around thinking that you have these ideas in your head. You have to write it down. The Bible speaks of this, thus Shermika and I are avid writers. You can’t complete a goal if you don’t even have it in front of you.

2. Foundation— Your foundation has to support your structure and the size/thickness of it is critical. Simply, your foundation, whether it’s more education or not, has to support your purpose. Options are valuable and they allow you to move more fluidly. I recently decided to go to graduate school for this very reason. If there’s something that you want to do to help you advance, then just do it!

3. Frame— The frame works with your structure. Our choices and environmental conditions affect the blueprint of our lives. If you associate yourself with people that aren’t there to help you then you need to reevaluate them. You should always be around people that are going to help you achieve whatever goal you have. There is no need to allow toxic friends/family to dictate your life.

4. A Door— This is the last component to creating the life you want. The door is so that you can allow new ideas/people in and allow toxic ideas/people out. You should build your own personal board of directors to help you achieve your goal(s). These are the individuals that ask you questions and sincerely want to see you succeed.



Another fab point Harper made is that most fears we have were gifted to us by someone other than ourselves. I can relate to this so much. If I had listened to a lot of people telling me not to do this or not to go there, I wouldn’t be the well rounded person that I am today. We should all step out of our comfort zone and combat fear. After all, if you never try you can never say that you did.

By the way, in case you are wondering, Harper was extremely hilarious! As for his fashion, he had on a dark suit with a purple shirt and brought people from the crowd onto the stage to explain his points.

Check out a few more pics and let us know if you have a blueprint for your life. If not, make one TODAY. Follow us to stay in the know! 🙂

Our buddy Keith with his friend, Nakeliaa (L) & his wife Ashley (R).
Our signed books are going back to the book shelf!
We ❤ the ASC!
Shermika's getting her book signed!
Check out this wonderful interview with Hill Harper by Chanda Temple!  


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