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Isn't this OPI Holland color CUTE?! It's called "Red Lights Ahead... Where?

Happy Friday Eve!!!! I know y’all can’t wait until the weekend (at least I know that I can’t!!). It seems like this week has flown by, which is a plus. For you very lovely followers that read our tweets, you know we went to The Amanda’s party yesterday in Homewood, AL. Can you believe that this was the first party we’ve attended in 2012?!! I can’t either. Amanda LeBlanc‘s awesome PR team couldn’t have picked a better day for this meet and greet. It was the perfect Spring evening for mini cupcakes, wine, SWAG, and meeting new peeps!

Come on and let’s party with Amanda, Dustin, Taylor, & Savannah, shall we?!

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Indie Love: Atlanta Film Festival 2012

Actor Lance Gross! Ladies, he was the main attraction on Sunday!

Friends if you haven’t made it to the Atlanta Film Festival (ATLFF) you still have time as it’s the largest one in the nation. A belle spent 3 days at ATLFF and had a blast. Saturday was crazy. We didn’t get to see any films due to the extremely bad traffic. Someone said it was because of a movie called Hunger Games. Ever heard of it?! 🙂

This wasn’t our first film festival, but I must say that we enjoyed it. There’s nothing better than various fab indie films and a hip partner to take in all the fun with. The sis and I had a ball!!!

One thing we LOVED about ATLFF was that the media could interview actors and directors, which allowed us to give you sweet ArtBLT’ers insight into some films. We saw:

The ArtBelles with actress Nicole Beharie–fab!


My Last Day Without You–LOVED this film. This movie is about a German man (Ken Duken) who must shut down a company in New York. He meets a black woman (Nicole Beharie) the same day and instantly falls in love with her. However, he is the person that fired her, but Beharie’s character doesn’t know it. The story is about love at first sight, cultural differences and courage. We really enjoyed this film. Afterwards we met Beharie and Stefan Schaefer, the director. It was revealed that Beharie did all of the singing in the movie and enjoyed doing it. She has such a beautiful voice! Check out the trailer and music below.


The film is actually based on a true story–the director met someone on a train in NYC. The film has a lot of romantic elements and had a good pace. If you like to laugh, there’s a lot of comedy in this love story. A belle could not get enough of the fab taxi driver in the movie, who is rooting for the two to fall in love. Baharie has been in quite a bit of films. We especaially loved her in American Violet with one of our all-time fave actresses, Alfre Woodard, Sins of the Mother with Jill Scott, and The Last Fall, which we’ll discuss in a bit. Go check all of these films out if you haven’t seen!

All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred RembertTo say we ENJOYED this documentary is an understatement. The film follows the life of Winfred Rembert, an artist from Cuthbert, GA. Rembert’s colorful paintings depict his life in Cuthbert, some nostalgic and some very sad. Rembert did a series of paintings based on his lynching by a mob, time on the chain gang, baptismal and so on.

We spoke to Rembert’s daughter, Lillian Rembert, who told us a lot of great family stories. She was so sweet and is very funny. We really enjoyed talking to her about her family and education. Her father’s work is seen at galleries in New York and all over the world. His paintings are on cowhide and he uses bright dyes, which are often a sharp contrast to the darkness of some of the stories depicted. His works sell from $15,000- $30,000+.

Matthew Cherry said he was rockin’ the blue hoodie for Trayvon Martin. Love it!!


The Last FallWe must say that we really enjoyed the insight given into the life of a football player. Former NFL player Matthew A. Cherry directed the film and former NFL player Ellis Hobbs produced it along with his wife. The story is more so a love story that involves football. It covers the life of a football player (Lance Gross,) who is cut from his team, but reconnects with his high school sweetheart (Nicole Beharie). Cherry says his motivation for the film was classic black love stories like Love & Basketball and Love Jones. It was good to see Vanessa Bell Calloway in this film too. She’s still a wonderful actress and we were glad to see her playing the mother. This movie also touches on family relationships and forgiveness.

Former and current NFL players led a Q&A session where they allowed the audience a rare opportunity to see that football is not all glitz and glam. Once a player is cut from a team, he cannot go back to the locker room. His things are placed in a trash bag and someone (if anyone does), must take him his items. Many football players retire in the mid 20’s, and are faced with starting another career. The film opens with a statistic that says 78% of players are bankrupt or divorced after ending their careers. Watch the trailer!

Unfortunately, we missed a film that we were really looking forward to, AKA Blondie, because there were many technical difficulties with screening The Last Fall. It wasn’t the movie itself, just the equipment the theater was using.

Rap Arabe–covered musicians in three different countries that are rap artists. The film follows the love of rap music amongst these individuals. As they say, whoever thought that hip-hop would take it this far? If you are in love with hip-hop/rap as much as we are then this is a gotta-see!!

Diary of a Decade: The Story of a Movement–the film talks about the history of soul music, so y’all know we were feeling this one. It gave you an in dept look at soul music from the ’80’s to the beginning of the 2000’s. If you are a lover of good music like we are, this is a must-see.


The ATLFF is a GREAT festival! There’s still time to go and check it out (ends April 1, 2012). More fab photos below!…. Until next year friends!

Director Stefan Schaefer with Nicole Baharie!

Ellis Hobbs & his wife Monique. They were a lot of fun & Hobbs wins our prize for best dressed. Fab!!

Check out our videos/more photos on Facebook soon. A belle has been all over the place & hasn’t uploaded everything!

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Sitting on Top of the Tutu

We received this video from a sweet ArtBLT’er and wanted to share it with you all. For all you die hard readers, a belle wrote an article about the lack of African Americans involved in the arts–whether it’s buying a ticket or being on the stage.

Well, check this out here. We are so excited to see a woman of color getting her dance on.

Misty Copeland is evidence that anything is possible. She is the first African American in 20 years to be a soloist in New York’s American Ballet Theatre. She also performed with Prince on one of his tours, so you know she’s bad!

We are so proud of Copeland and urge you all to continue to support the arts. Hopefully, we will see many more dancers of color making such inspiring moves on the stage.

Go here to find out more info on the fab Misty Copeland, ArtBLT’ers. We’d love to see her perform and are asking the wish fairy!

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To New York with Love

Roman sarcophagus at the MET Museum of Art

Hey y’all! A belle has entered ArtBLT into The Great 2012 Arts Blogger Challenge, which is trying to find North America’s best arts blogger. We will need YOUR support, your friends support, and even your pet’s support. Voting will begin on March 26 and end on April 20th. Okay, let’s go. You may vote for ArtBLT here.

Our first challenge for this contest is: New York has long been considered the cultural capital of America. Is it still? If not, where? Read More

2012 Atlanta Film Festival

Who’s turned 36 and doesn’t have any prominent wrinkles? She’s getting better with age y’all! The 2012 Atlanta Film Festival (ATLFF) will feature over 175 films, documentaries, narratives, shorts and more! Talk about a belle being excited! Y’all know we love a film festival. ATLFF is an Academy Award® qualifying festival for the Best Live Action Narrative Short and Best Animated Short categories. The festival will open with the comedy Life Happens starring Krysten Ritter, Kate Bosworth, and Rachel Bilson. The film offers a hilarious take on single motherhood and dating. It revolves around a one night stand and an unintended pregnancy. Over 50 of the features will have ties to Georgia, which should prove to be interesting. Highlights include a season premiere screening of Game of Thrones. ATLFF takes place March 23-April 1 and passes range from $135-$300. To see the complete lineup go here.