Hey, Asia! How ya doing? Pt. 1 of 2

These nice students offered to show us around Sensoji Temple if we helped them with their English. This is Toyko’s oldest (early 18th century) temple!

I hope you had a fab weekend because we had a very lovely time stimulating the economy. We went to Belk and racked up on shoes! Can you believe that a belle even bought a few? Ha! I got a purse too, but I am sure you already knew that! It’s funny how time passes us by. While looking at the calendar yesterday, I said to Shermika, “Hey, girl! Can you believe its been 2 years since we took over Asia?”

She looked at the calender and said, “Wow, it sure has!” I can’t wait to tell you about all the fun we had this month exactly 2 years ago yesterday! For all of you that wondered/asked us about this trip–this post is for you. We spent 3 weeks in Japan and had the time of our little lives!!!

The question we are always asked is, “Where are y’all headed next?” It’s a question that always makes me smile and think at the same time.

Sometimes I still can’t believe we’ve been to half of the places we’ve traveled to. Most people that travel a lot are linked to the military or teach English abroad. The sis and I are just two chicks with a sense of adventure and a belief that we only have one life to live. AND, we will live it traveling the world–together! We’ve been traveling on our own since we were 18, and have enjoyed every minute!

Why do we travel alone? We don’t like having too many opinions. We made that mistake in ’05 in the Bahamas. Some people want the group to go here or there. We like making our own itinerary and taking on the destination we are in.

People burn incense in the pit. It’s said to heal if you place the smoke on your body part that is giving you trouble.

Our guide is explaining how to select a box that will reveal my fortune. If you get a bad one you have to tie it to a tree. I got a very good one!!

We tried on a lot of robes until we found the right one for us! We both LOVE red so you already know what colors we chose.
This Yukata is cute, but I wanted a fab red color. The Nakamise Market was amazing. They had every color you could imagine. Although the owners didn’t speak English, they still were patient and helped us!
No Diet Coke, not a problem… Coke Zero will do :0) These were the coolest vending machines EVER! You can use your Suica card to purchase.
Shermika and those darn shoes. She bought a few pair during our vacay!
A view of Toyko from the 100+ floor of their Metro Building!

Check back on Wednesday Friday for part 2! We will share more!