Clutter Doctor Anyone?

The ArtBelles with Style Network Star Amanda LeBlanc!

Friends a belle had a blast yesterday when we got the chance to sit down and interview Style Network star Amanda LeBlanc. A New Orleans native, LeBlanc got her start organizing her 1900 square foot home; friends couldn’t believe how neat her home was, and as they say the rest is Style Network history.

If you are a fan of organization or want to learn more, then The Amandas is the show for you. Got a ridiculously junky closet or a kitchen that a pet wouldn’t eat in? Then Shermika and I have a treat for you–just in time for spring!

Cute clear organazational dresser boxes (top right) that you can purchase at LeBlanc's store. These sturdy dark baskets can be purchased too!

The Amandas gives plenty tips on how to get homes in order, in addition to transforming lives. During the interview we were greatly inspired by LeBlanc, who is equal parts fabulous and sweet.

The main thing we took away from our sit down is that if you have a passion–stalk it! You should do what you love because it’s always going to make you happy. *clears throat* Let’s get this clutter party started!

This is LeBlanc's business. Don't you just love the name?!

 1. What are tips for people living in small spaces, like an apartment? A Freedom Rail is your go to item! Get creative with these because they create open space without a lot of holes in the wall.

LeBlanc advised people to think vertical. She emphasized that the rail is a great investment because you can take it if you move.

2. How do you stay organized? Understand your habits and integrate them into your routine. Don’t fight the habit, work with it! For example, if you/someone in your home drops towels on the floor, place a bin next to where they drop towels.

LeBlanc has the right prescription for you. She can get every room in your home in order!

3. What was your most difficult project? Working with hoarders can be difficult because there is a lot of emotion attached to items.

4. How does one purge? Bring in someone that isn’t attached to your items so they can help. Some people are emotionally attached to items. I’ve even had a client that was attached to items that she touched. When she touched them it brought back great memories. Pay attention to yourself and know what’s holding you back.

End of interview

Wish my closet looked like this!

Did you watch last night? We think Dustin is a cutie (we loved he & LeBlanc’s play fight!) and that all of the ladies dressed so cute. Love, love, LOVE the high heels at work! A belle could NOT get down with the way one of the employees talked to LeBlanc. I have never met a person that talked to their boss the way she did.

More tools to help you declutter at LeBlanc's store!

Note to kids: I don’t care what your boss is doing. As long as they are cutting the checks you don’t go toe to toe with them. Period.

Check out this video for kitchen organizing tips.

Do tune in to the show ArtBLT’ers–where style meets clutter!!!

 *Special thanks to each of you that made this interview possible! You know who you are ;0)*