Hey, Asia! How ya doing? Pt. 2 of 2

It’s Friday! Yippie!!! I told you that we would post the rest of our fun in Asia. Do you recognize the geisha above? Yep, it’s the sis. She dragged me all the way to Kyoto to have a photo shoot (I didn’t complain)!

It was about 5 hours from Tokyo, but we got there by their infamous Shinkansen bullet trains. Let me tell you, these are some nice trains.  A belle experienced beautiful sights, old streets and some of the most gorge candy shops a belle has ever seen!

A nice Japanese man offered to take our pic on the bullet train!

Let’s head to Kyoto first! By Shinkansen of course! These trains are extremely fast. They can go up to over 250 mph. We were reminded of how fast we were going every time we looked out the window.

Don’t ask me how we found this place because as I told y’all before NOBODY spoke English in Kyoto. Upon entering, we had to take off our shoes at the front door. Then they gestured for us to come upstairs. As you can see, this house/building is very small.

Shermika is under 5’4 and you can see how short the building is too. I remember they had the coolest hot chocolate machine. That’s what I sipped on as the sis had her photo shoot. It lasted about an hour and she was sooooo excited to get all dressed up.

Y’all, I was the first black geisha to hit the scene! I wore a $10,000 wig that was so heavy. Makeup was applied (it took about 20 minutes to wash off) and ropes UPON ropes were tied to cinch in my waist. Afterwards, I was geisha ready. It took all of 15 minutes to pick out my kimono and pose for my big geisha debut!

Here is how Kyoto looks near the photo business. The streets were very narrow and like other walkers we had to move out of the way to let passing cars by.

The pagonda behind me doesn’t look that huge, but it’s massive.  There was so much detail in the design! While headed to view a famous temple, our friend called and told us it was snowing in Tokyo and we may want to get back because he didn’t know how bad it would get. We then hopped on a train and headed back. This is what the snow looked like:

Here is a young Japanese girl having a photo shoot done at a different business from where Shermika went.

Here we were surprised with an aerial tour of Japan from our friend. This Cessna is a 4-seater. We are short, so you can see how small these planes are.

I have flown 1001 times, but this plane made me very nervous. I wasn’t calm until we landed. This was a wonderful experience and I would do it again…nerves and all. Check out the view from my window!

Below is Kamakura, which is about 1.5 hours away from Tokyo. We had a lovely time there sightseeing and shopping. We walked, rodes buses and walked more. Kamakura is a historic city in Japan, and used to be the former capital.

We enjoyed seeing the Great Image of Buddha in person. It’s very high up!

Here is Yokohama. It was cold this day, but somehow we braved the elements!

We went to Tokyo Disney to see Cirque du Soleil’s “Zed!” As mentioned before, we LOVE Cirque du Soleil shows!

Some of the grub we had.. ate mostly FAB curry chicken and steaks during our trip. I am not a seafood chick, but Shermika is!

We rode Japanese bikes. Tamika and I even fell off. But we laughed at ourselves as usual!

Random pics we snapped:

The Japanese love their pets!

Why are two cats on a leash? We don’t know, but HAD to take a pic because no one would believe us!

Japanese yen (we lost a lot on the excahnge rate) our $1 was only worth a whopping 86 cents!

Natsuki was a doll. She’s really sweet and is trying to become a flight attendant in Japan. She speaks some English and loves to shop like us!!

Now this is the big apple. It was sooo sweet and divine. I paid about 300 yen $3.50 USD for it!

Another pic at Sensoji Temple!

We hope y’all enjoyed seeing some of the wonderful cities we visited while in Japan. Though we couldn’t show everything (we saw SOOOO much), we hope you have a sense of what it’s like there. If traveling there soon,  feel free to email us any questions! Japan is such a beautiful place and a belle truly fell in love.


The ArtBelles are two sisters (not twins) born and raised in Birmingham, AL that enjoy traveling around the globe and finding new things…all while bickering ’til the sun comes up. These sisters share the cutest doggie on the planet and are always looking for their next adventure. Want to know what the best part is? They are willing to share it with you! The ArtBelles love quick jaunts, good reads, stellar food, and all things indie. ArtBLT’s goal is to create a deep seated love and appreciation for art and the artists that help make the world a happier place.

4 thoughts to “Hey, Asia! How ya doing? Pt. 2 of 2”

  1. What a great idea getting the geisha photo shoot taken! You look amazing Shermika! Looks like an amazing time, the architecture in Japan is simply beautiful, although I only have photos to verify this for myself I can only imagine.

    I had no idea that it snowed there!

    true queen

    1. Thanks love! It was so FUN to do!! The architecture is amazing…especially when you get off the beaten path. Yep, it snows…and it snowed A LOT. We hardly get snow here so it was wonderful to see.

      Carol: We went 2 years ago on a whim. It was quite the adventure.

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