Spring/Summer 2012 OPI Holland Collection: I Have a Herring Problem

Happy Monday! Did you enjoy your weekend? We had a ball: volunteered over 6 hours at B’ham’s annual Project Homeless Connect (met some amazing women), shopped, went to the comedy club, and shopped more.

Okay, so y’all know that a belle loves make-up and that includes nail polish. I could spend hours on end searching for beautiful colors at Ulta. I went in Ulta several weeks ago and they had a lot of OPI on sale. I couldn’t believe my eyes! There’s nothing better than combining a great coupon with a fab sale.

This new color wasn’t on sale, but is still a dream. As mentioned in a previous nail post, blue is one of my fave nail colors! This blue, depending on how the light hits it, has sort of a grey look. To set it off, it has a slight hint of gold shimmer in it. I have received so many compliments on this color. What can I say? It’s fab! I must toot my own horn (*toots horn 2 times*) and say that I do know how to pick the hot colors. I picked up a couple more in this collection that we’ll share soon!

Tell me what you think! Found any new colors this season?

You can see the gold shimmer in this pic. Check out how the color changes depending on the lighting! LOVE it.


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  1. Nice! I love that shade.

    Carol on March 12, 2012 Reply
  2. Loved the color you picked! Definitely hot!

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!

    Call me M on March 13, 2012 Reply
    • Thanks, ladies! Sorry for just now responding. :)

      Tamika on April 16, 2012

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