Sitting on Top of the Tutu

We received this video from a sweet ArtBLT’er and wanted to share it with you all. For all you die hard readers, a belle wrote an article about the lack of African Americans involved in the arts–whether it’s buying a ticket or being on the stage.

Well, check this out here. We are so excited to see a woman of color getting her dance on.

Misty Copeland is evidence that anything is possible. She is the first African American in 20 years to be a soloist in New York’s American Ballet Theatre. She also performed with Prince on one of his tours, so you know she’s bad!

We are so proud of Copeland and urge you all to continue to support the arts. Hopefully, we will see many more dancers of color making such inspiring moves on the stage.

Go here to find out more info on the fab Misty Copeland, ArtBLT’ers. We’d love to see her perform and are asking the wish fairy!

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