UAB Festival of Ten Minute Plays

Y’all a belle looks forward to UAB Theatre’s presentation of the Festival of Ten-Minute Plays every year. The show always sells out and is held at one of our fave places in the world–the Alys Stephens Center. The theme this year was “Let Me Out of Here: Eight Plays about Cages, Traps, and Prisons.” For the recession friendly price of $5, we got to see 8 ten minute plays. Talk about a cheap/fun date night with the sis!

My fave plays of the night were “Birdie” by Asha L. Holden; “Flushed” by Gregory Lallone; and “Feed Me” by Daniel Martin. Each play had its own unique charm, but these three plays stuck out to me for various reasons.

  • “Birdie” had a theme that resonated with Tamika and I. It was about a girl whose grandmother kept her locked in a cage so she couldn’t get into trouble. This play dealt with mental control and how if a person is told something repeatedly (good or bad), they usually end up believing it.
  • “Flushed” was absolutely hilarious! It revolved around three dumb drug dealers who flush their drugs after the cops come to their apartment. The play opened with one of the drug dealers getting beaten up by a gangster. You had to be there to see it!
  • “Feed Me” was about a bear falling in love with a park ranger all because the ranger accidentally fed him. It was so funny! Especially when the bear hugged the park ranger and clawed him. Talk about a belle cracking up!

It’s so wonderful to support local art and artists. I was so excited to view the talent of up and coming playwrights. If you missed the festival, make certain you check it out next year. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Shoe Attack: Sam Edelman’s McKenna

A belle loves a super sexy shoe with a daring heel. I’ve been a fan of Sam Edelman since the Sam and Libby days. I have many pairs and they all make me happy. Edelman’s shoes know how to make a woman feel proud. His designs are bold yet sophisticated, and many shoes can easily go from day to night.

I love any cute shoe that can be dressed up or down. Today I am headed to work so I am dressing them down. It’s Friday and I’m going to work in my very lovely high heels. I’ve been waiting on some warm weather to wear my peep toe shoes and today’s the day. It’s going to be 70+ degrees again here in B’ham! Read More

The Real Housewives of California

I told y’all via Twitter that I would share this with you! Several weeks ago, I received this FAB collection in the mail. I ordered it on sale and let’s just say that a belle has a new appreciation for the I Love Lucy show. Over the years I’ve received/bought many research paper fun topics items that would please any Lucy Fan. Other than my book on the life/career of Ms. Ball, this complete series is one of my faves by far.

To me this wasn’t just a funny TV show. It was one of the best shows to highlight that women can be funny too! It’s also one of the reasons I wanted to learn a second language. Lucy and Ethel are the original house wives. Watching them is like a warm hug from fab friends!

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Spring/Summer 2012 OPI Holland Collection: I Have a Herring Problem

Happy Monday! Did you enjoy your weekend? We had a ball: volunteered over 6 hours at B’ham’s annual Project Homeless Connect (met some amazing women), shopped, went to the comedy club, and shopped more.

Okay, so y’all know that a belle loves make-up and that includes nail polish. I could spend hours on end searching for beautiful colors at Ulta. I went in Ulta several weeks ago and they had a lot of OPI on sale. I couldn’t believe my eyes! There’s nothing better than combining a great coupon with a fab sale.

This new color wasn’t on sale, but is still a dream. As mentioned in a previous nail post, blue is one of my fave nail colors! This blue, depending on how the light hits it, has sort of a grey look. To set it off, it has a slight hint of gold shimmer in it. I have received so many compliments on this color. What can I say? It’s fab! I must toot my own horn (*toots horn 2 times*) and say that I do know how to pick the hot colors. I picked up a couple more in this collection that we’ll share soon!

Tell me what you think! Found any new colors this season?

You can see the gold shimmer in this pic. Check out how the color changes depending on the lighting! LOVE it.


Hey, Asia! How ya doing? Pt. 2 of 2

It’s Friday! Yippie!!! I told you that we would post the rest of our fun in Asia. Do you recognize the geisha above? Yep, it’s the sis. She dragged me all the way to Kyoto to have a photo shoot (I didn’t complain)!

It was about 5 hours from Tokyo, but we got there by their infamous Shinkansen bullet trains. Let me tell you, these are some nice trains.  A belle experienced beautiful sights, old streets and some of the most gorge candy shops a belle has ever seen!

A nice Japanese man offered to take our pic on the bullet train!

Let’s head to Kyoto first! By Shinkansen of course! These trains are extremely fast. They can go up to over 250 mph. We were reminded of how fast we were going every time we looked out the window.

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